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Thread: Google Webmaster Tool - Diagnosis Average Crawl Rate of Google Bots

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    Google Webmaster Tool - Diagnosis Average Crawl Rate of Google Bots

    Google Webmaster Tools extends a Range of tools / reports allowing you to know how your site / Blog is placed in Google searches, which are the most popular keywords that result in your site being showed in searches, and which made researcher to Click and to follow your site, internal and external links to your site / blog.

    Users of Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer and Google Webmaster Tools who are looking for tips and guides on how to make the full use out of the wonderful services can take heart that Google teams a free online seminar called The Google Trifecta to help webmasters and site owners using Google's products.

    Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer and Google Webmaster Tools, three most important web oriented tools is key to the success of any business. Google Webmaster Tools helps to improve site's visibility in Google's search results and acquire visitors and Internet traffic. Google Analytics provides statistical insight into what visitors are doing on the site and where they are coming from. Meanwhile, Google Website Optimizer helps businesses perfects the lead acquisition process and promotes a better user experience. Combination of three tools in the The Google Trifecta webinar ensures that participants get to know the synergy and how best to integrate these 3 products.

    This and much more you can get only when your site is verified by Google. Google allows you to choose one of the two methods:
    - Either you add a meta tag to your home page as given by Google
    - Or you add a web page with a name as suggested by Google.

    If you are successful in doing one of the above, you are the winner. Unfortunately as a blog owner, me and the others don't have facility to perform any one of the above.

    So should we just stop our efforts? No! well said, Where there's a Will ... there's a Way ...

    And yes! There is certainly a way following which I have successfully verified my blog with Google. If you too own a blog at you will be able to do it too!!!

    Assumed that you own a Google account, Log on to

    Submit your blog url at "Add Site:". Your site would be added instantly but in absence of verification you will not have access to most of the features. Click on the link that says "Verify your site"

    As mentioned above you will be required to choose one of the verification methods. Choose "Upload an HTML file" and you will be told to upload a file with name similar to "google51603ad9d1bcb791.html".

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    Re: Google Webmaster Tool - Diagnosis Average Crawl Rate of Google Bots

    Most webmasters know surely Google Webmaster Tools, a tool originally created by Google to submit your sitemaps. But with many other options including a display of errors occurred when crawling Googlebot (very useful for detecting broken links or pages removed yet indexed), statistics on the crawling and indexing, the links incoming and outgoing short ... an essential tool for webmasters.

    And today, Google Webmaster Tools change! To access simply click above on "We're changing! Check out our new look! . Attention, no major changes, it is only a change of look like the link says but a few small changes. Among the changes and useful, we have:

    The menu on the left become more practical, because there is no need to reload pages 2 to access the sub-categories, a simple click of a button [+] and the menu unfolds.

    Another relatively pleasant, the scoreboard now shows the 10 queries, crawl errors as above, the inbound links and information on sitemaps.
    And the key words found by Google displays the 200 key words most commonly organized in columns 4 against 100 in a single column above.

    So, no major changes but an airworthiness easier, and more particularly useful for referencing. One flat, the dropdown in the upper left list your site but a link to the homepage. Hope that this could have a problem with the new version which will be soon resolved.

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