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Thread: IMsTscAx ActiveX Control

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    unsure IMsTscAx ActiveX Control

    I want to write an application "Remote Desktop"(using MFC). According to little information I got, I know "MicroSoft Rdp Client Control" or other control can do, however, I have no idea about that, how to add an Activex cnotrol in a dialog, how to use the interfaces... Someone help me! Samples, advice, or documents will be better!

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    Re: IMsTscAx ActiveX Control

    Thread Moved.

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    Re: IMsTscAx ActiveX Control

    RDP uses RSA Security's RC4 cipher, a stream cipher designed to efficiently encrypt small amounts of data. RC4 is designed for secure communications over networks.
    For more info:

    RDP supports various mechanisms to reduce the amount of data transmitted over a network connection. Mechanisms include data compression, persistent caching of bitmaps, and caching of glyphs and fragments in RAM.
    For more info:

    The ActiveX client control provides virtually the same functionality as the full Remote Desktop Connection client, but it is designed to deliver this functionality over the Web.
    For more info:

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