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Thread: How to increase size of oracle logs

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    How to increase size of oracle logs

    I work on an oracle 10g.

    The max size of ARCHIVELOG is currently 4 GB. Many archives are generated, therefore increase the size but I do not know how (base closed, open, static, command line ...)?

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    Re: How to increase size of oracle logs

    Already before changing anything in the flash recovery area, it is preferable to ensure that your base is with the flash recovery area

    But what would you increase? the size of each file in ARCHIVELOG? the size of the flash recovery area?

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    Re: How to increase size of oracle logs

    A backup is made with hot rman (ARCHIVELOG mode = ON). The archives are stored in the [ORACLE_HOME]\flash_recovery_area\SID\ARCHIVELOG\dateToday.

    The archives are deleted after the backup rman. The size of the file (dateToday) with the archive is 4 GB.

    The size of this file that I want to grow.

    Other questions to pass. How to know the max file size of flash recovery area?

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    Re: How to increase size of oracle logs

    Max File size:


    Parameter type: Big integer
    Syntax: DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE = integer [K | M | G]
    Default value: There is no default value.
    Modifiable: ALTER SYSTEM ... SID='*'
    Basic: Yes
    Real Application Clusters: You must set this parameter for every instance, and multiple instances must have the same value.

    DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the hard limit on the total space to be used by target database recovery files created in the flash recovery area.

    I would say it is valued up to 4GB. You can increase it with "ALTER SYSTEM".

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