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Thread: Resize userform Window

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    Resize userform Window

    Hi friends,

    I am having a userform that gathers a bit of information. The most of the users are having their resolution set high and I don't have to make it smaller and force them to scroll around to get to the various fields. However, some of them have really low resolution which makes the userform so big they can't even see the scroll bars. Is there a way to tell a userform to resize based on resolution ? Or some other method that i can resize userform window.

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    Re: Resize userform Window

    Sure i will help you could you check the resolution and if its low then you could resize it down but then you would have to resize all controls so they will be viewable.Any can you tell me which Application are you trying to use it.

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    Re: Resize userform Window

    I am try to do this in Excel 2003.

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