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Thread: Problem rights Win32_Service

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    Problem rights Win32_Service


    I do Windows monitoring via WMI. I have no problem as long as I log a user with admin (local or domain). For obvious security reasons, I would like to create a non-admin user could only read the attributes of WMI classes. So I created this user, and I assigned the necessary rights via 'wmimgmt' and 'dcomcfng' on the Windows server.

    I use the tool wmic (Linux utility) that works very well. Here is the syntax I use:

    wmic-U domain / useradmin% password / / "select * from Win32_Service"
    No problems, everything works. The idea is to go like this:

    wmic-U domain / non-user-admin% password / / "select * from Win32_Service"
    Of course this does not work properly

    I said that I can recover some instances of classes in non-admin, for example:

    wmic-U domain / non-user-admin% password / / "select * from Win32_Process"
    returns the values expected.

    Leafing on msdn read I thought that for some classes, the user should have the privilege "SC_MANAGER_CONNECT to" enabled. I have a little hard to understand because it seems that any authenticated user have this privilege (or so I misunderstood ...).

    In case I misunderstood, how to assign a user that right?

    Thank you for your help..

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    Re: Problem rights Win32_Service

    You can have a track overhere:

    A security descriptor is associated with the SCM. The DACL associated with the SCM identifies the users and groups allowed or denied access to it. When a process attempts to obtain a handle to the SCM, Windows NT Security determines whether or not the process has the requested access. The OpenSCManager API is used to obtain a handle to the SCM. If the user is granted the requested access to the SCM, the system returns a valid handle. If the request is denied, NULL is returned and the error code will be number 5, "Access is denied" (ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED).

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    Re: Problem rights Win32_Service


    thank you for your reply.

    I had already watched a few of these two links, but found nothing except the famous

    User or Group | Access granted
    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    - Authenticated Users | SC_MANAGER_CONNECT --
    (in passing the automatic translation of Microsoft is not top: s)

    I also find it on another site:

    SC_MANAGER_CONNECT the flag is placed by default
    I know what to do anymore, I see no or modify this flag (which is supposed to be placed by default) for a user ....

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    Re: Problem rights Win32_Service

    There is one thing I do, are you on Linux or Windows?
    Your solution is dedicated to the Windows platform?

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    Re: Problem rights Win32_Service

    So actually I'm Newbie (therefore Linux) as a platform for monitoring.

    I do WQL query WMI from a client that runs under Linux (Ubuntu).

    This customer is wmic (the syntax is given in the first post).

    I said that the result is the same if I use remote wbemtest.exe in with my non-admin user:

    Quote: Number: 0x80041001
    Facility: WMI
    Description: Generic failure)

    therefore it is a rights issue. If I spend my user in the admin group, the application works fine (with wbemtest and wmic with my client for Linux).

    To complete a little, to get to class without being Win32_PerfRawData_NTDS_NTDS admin, I add my user in group "Performance Monitor User. So I try to play a little on the panel "Authentificated Users" but without success (lack of Windows OS).

    Thanks for your interest in my problem.

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