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Thread: delete a line from the console window[C]

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    delete a line from the console window[C]

    with a program in c is possible with the function system ( "cls"); clear the screen of the console but if I wanted to delete a single line for the previous example to cursone? C provides such a function, or is expected to feature among the commands of DOS?

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    Re: delete a line from the console window[C]

    The console functions enable different levels of access to a console. The high-level console I / O functions enable an application to read from standard input to retrieve stored keyboard input in a console's input buffer. The functions also enable an application to write to standard output or standard error to display text in the console's screen buffer. The high-level functions also support redirection of standard handles and control of different modes for console I / O functionality. The low-level console I / O functions enable applications to receive detailed input about keyboard and mouse events, as well as events involving user interactions with the console window. The low-level functions also enable greater control of output to the screen.

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    Re: delete a line from the console window[C]

    I do not think there is such a function ... if not, you could store the contents of the terminal into a variable (if possible), erase everything and rewrite the variable line by removing the "junk".
    But I said to you, I am not sure that we can do.

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