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Thread: How to change default printer in VBA

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    How to change default printer in VBA

    Hi friends,

    I have heard from my friends that we can change the default printer in Excel by using VBA.I had try to find over the internet for a solution but was not able to get it.So had made a post over here.

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    Re: How to change default printer in VBA

    Sure i will help you out with this.It's very simple we need to do it by changing the property Application.Active Printer.

    Sub PrintToAnotherPrinter()
    Dim strCurrentPrinter As String
        strCurrentPrinter = Application.ActivePrinter ' store the current active printer
        On Error Resume Next ' ignore printing errors
        Application.ActivePrinter = "microsoft fax on fax:" ' change to another printer
        ActiveSheet.PrintOut ' print the active sheet
        Application.ActivePrinter = strCurrentPrinter ' change back to the original printer
        On Error GoTo 0 ' resume normal error handling
    End Sub

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    Re: How to change default printer in VBA

    Thanks for replying me i have try use the code but it's not working for me for more information i am trying to make My Network printer as Default printer.

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    Re: How to change default printer in VBA

    To print to a network Printer you need to first get the full network printer name and after that you can get a print for the worksheet.

    Sub PrintToNetworkPrinterExample()
    Dim strCurrentPrinter As String, strNetworkPrinter As String
        strNetworkPrinter = GetFullNetworkPrinterName("HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL")
        If Len(strNetworkPrinter) > 0 Then ' found the network printer
            strCurrentPrinter = Application.ActivePrinter
           'Change to the network printer
            Application.ActivePrinter = strNetworkPrinter
            Worksheets(1).PrintOut  print something
        ' Change back to the previously active printer
            Application.ActivePrinter = strCurrentPrinter
        End If
    End Sub
    Function GetFullNetworkPrinterName(strNetworkPrinterName As String) As String
    Dim strCurrentPrinterName As String, strTempPrinterName As String, i As Long
        strCurrentPrinterName = Application.ActivePrinter
        i = 0
        Do While i < 100
            strTempPrinterName = strNetworkPrinterName & " on Ne" & Format(i, "00") & ":"
            On Error Resume Next  'Try to change to the network printer
            Application.ActivePrinter = strTempPrinterName
            On Error GoTo 0
            If Application.ActivePrinter = strTempPrinterName Then
               'The network printer was found
                GetFullNetworkPrinterName = strTempPrinterName
                i = 100  makes the loop end
            End If
            i = i + 1
        'Remove the line below if you want the function to change the active printer
    End Function

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    Re: How to change default printer in VBA

    What 'References' are required. I have code:
    "Application.ActivePrinter = P_Reqd_Printer"
    but get a compile error "Method or data member not found" with the word 'ActivePrinter' highlighted.

    In VBA under Tools/References, I have references to "Find Printers type library", "Microsoft Office 11.0 Object Library" and "Windows Script Host Object Model" (among others).
    What are the pre-requisites?

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