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Thread: C# & game development

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    C# & game development

    Well I am facing this problem with my game been developed on C# since i am not able to start this game. I am not even able to get the pre-made games from the program to work. Only thing I get is the screen is loading! Its XNA game studio.

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    Re: C# & game development

    Hello VivekT & welcome to TechArena!

    I dont think its code error since if its a code error it wont have run .
    It has to be an issue with the logic or your install of Visual C# and the XNA Studio.

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    Re: C# & game development

    So what will you suggest me in this situation updating & reinstalling is going to help me in anyway in this case?.
    Is there any other way to solve this problem since the game runs quite well with my other PC.

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