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Thread: Exporting datatable to excel with

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    Exporting datatable to excel with


    Well I am trying to use a blank or new excel application & fill data to it but the problem is its working very slow & I need to export this datatable to excel faster.


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    Re: Exporting datatable to excel with

    Hello Sanket07,

    There are a few ways to do this...the best of which is to query the DataBase directly from Excel.
    Please check they discuss Exporting to
    Excel in depth, primarily from the perspective of ASP.NET.
    I hope this helps you!

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    Re: Exporting datatable to excel with

    Here's a function that I use to do exactly what you are trying to do. You
    also will need at least some of these import statements at the top of you

    Imports Excel.XlFileFormat
    Imports System.Data
    Imports System.Data.SqlClient
    Imports System.Data.SqlTypes
    Imports System.IO
    Public Function sqltabletocsvorxls(ByVal dt As DataTable, ByRef strpath As
    String, ByVal dtype As String, ByVal includeheader As Boolean) As Integer
    ' signature:
    ' dim funcs as new imcfunctionlib.functions
    ' dim xint as integer
    ' xint = funcs.sqltabletocsvorxls(dsmanifest.tables(0),mstrpath,
    ' where mstrpath = , say, "f:\imcapps\xlsfiles\test.xls"
    sqltabletocsvorxls = 0
    Dim objxl As Excel.Application
    Dim objwbs As Excel.Workbooks
    Dim objwb As Excel.Workbook
    Dim objws As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim mrow As DataRow
    Dim colindex As Integer
    Dim rowindex As Integer
    Dim col As DataColumn
    Dim fi As FileInfo = New FileInfo(strpath)
    If fi.Exists = True Then
    End If
    objxl = New Excel.Application
    'objxl.Visible = False ' i may not need to do this
    objwbs = objxl.Workbooks
    objwb = objwbs.Add
    objws = CType(objwb.Worksheets(1), Excel.Worksheet)
    ' i many want to change this to pass in a variable to determine
    ' if i want to have a column name row or not
    If includeheader Then
    For Each col In dt.Columns
    colindex += 1
    objws.Cells(1, colindex) = col.ColumnName
    rowindex = 1
    rowindex = 0
    End If
    For Each mrow In dt.Rows
    rowindex += 1
    colindex = 0
    For Each col In dt.Columns
    colindex += 1
    objws.Cells(rowindex, colindex) = mrow(col.ColumnName).ToString()
    If dtype = "csv" Then
    objwb.SaveAs(strpath, xlCSV)
    End If
    objxl.DisplayAlerts = False
    objxl.DisplayAlerts = True
    objws = Nothing
    objwb = Nothing
    objwbs = Nothing
    objxl = Nothing
    End Function
    Hope this helps.

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