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Thread: compiler is giving an error "Super::Super'

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    compiler is giving an error "Super::Super'

    please see the following lines of codes :

    class ABase; // i want to make it non-derivable

    class Super
    Super () {};
    friend class ABase;
    class ABase : virtual public Super
    int i;
    ABase () {}
    void seti (int j) { i=j; }
    int geti () { return i; }
    void main()
    ABase a;
    here if we try to derive a class from ABase ;
    class BDer : public ABase
    BDer() {}
    the compiler is giving an error "Super:uper' : cannot access private member declared in class 'Super'".

    But if we remove the "virtual" in class ABase : virtual public Super, then we can derive from ABase. How the keyword "virtual" making ABase non-derivable??? Is there any workaround for this problem ?


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    Re: compiler is giving an error "Super::Super'

    Well, making a class non-derivable is really simple. You can find the answer in FAQ. However, having a generic solution for this problem is better, but harder to implement. I was investigating this problem a long time ago. Basically, a mix of template friends, access levels and virtual inheritance does this job. The article about my solution can be found here

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