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Thread: GPO Delegation "Apply Group Policy" deny for Domain admins does not work?

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    GPO Delegation "Apply Group Policy" deny for Domain admins does not work?

    I am facing a bit issue with WSUS/WindowsUpdate GPO. I am trying to diagnose the problem so that I can find out the core of issue. I am trying to work on Deny Application for Domain Admin but that does not work. I had tried to run gpupdate /force /boot. But somehow it is not working. Also after re-login I lost everything. All settings are restored to default. So this is a bit annoying. I am not able to find out the solution for the same. Any guesses.

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    It is better if you follow WSUS documentation. There is enough information available in the same and it will give you exact settings that you are looking for each computer. It is necessary to find out the right settings to deny application for domain admins. Sometime you will need to fiddle out with number of options and many few would work. But ensure that it does not put impact on any computer settings. Most of the GPO operates in their own way. And there is no way to keep a backup of settings. That is easy to restore in case of trouble.

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