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Thread: RDP Stopped working after last windows update

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    RDP Stopped working after last windows update

    I am facing problem with RDP on Windows Server 2003. I had performed Windows Update recently. It was going fine but somehow there were pending updates. I restarted the system and updates were installed. But after on boot, the RDP does not work. I cannot connect to any remote site and facing a problem with the same. I had tried to use internet connection wizard but still it is not working. I hope there would be some kind of solution that can really help.

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    The service might be interrupted due to which it fails to work. You will need to enable the same back again. For that you will need to go in System Properties. There you can find a tab as Remote. Just go in the same and there you can find a option Select Remote Users. Click on that and choose the users from SBS Remote Operators. That's all. You would be able to connect. There are chances that some recent updates are screwing your performance and due to which you are getting the issue.

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    There have been problems with nVidia drivers causing remote desktop not to work. Extremely annoying. Uninstall all nVidia drivers and reinstall an old nVidia driver that works for your card.

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    Re: RDP Stopped working after last windows update

    Thanks a lot man. I had the same problem after window update and after disabling Nvdia display driver RDP working again. I have spent last five days to solve this issue.

    I appreciate your help.

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