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Thread: Server setup hangs during "registering components" at 13 min mark

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    Server setup hangs during "registering components" at 13 min mark

    I need some serious help. I am facing problem with server setup. It is working but it fails on registering component. I found a microsoft link on which there was some solution mentioned but it did not worked. My system is getting freezed in between. I a waiting to get a working solution on it. I am not able to figure what is wrong with the same. The reason behind the error was about some security updates. I had performed the same recently. Should I remove them.

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    This is a kind of frustrating issue on Windows server. Even when everything is configured well there is a problem with permission configuration. I am not able to find out why this happen. Most of them time is responsibility of network configuration wizard to establish a valid setup and configure all the settings that are required. Now the best way to get rid of unwanted stuff is running a system restore stuff. It will wipe out old settings and I am sure it will work and offer you a appropriate fix.

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    I will recommend you to re-run the setup back again. It will help you to deal with the problem. If you perform the setup from scratch it will allow you to create a more detailed configuration profile and I am sure it will work well. It is necessary that you preserve the user profile which is created. You can simply us them again in the new setup. It is not use to fix the problem right now. There can be additional issue that can generate later on. There are chances that your system might also crash out easily. Just perform a clean installation and then check back.

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    Yes it would be better if you can perform the setup from scratch by installing all stuff together. It will be waste of time to deal with the problem you are facing. And also wipe out everything. Once you are done with the setup do not run any updates. You must perform that through a manual procedure and choose only those updates which are required to install. Just do not install everything or else it will be annoying. There are some hot fix that you can install which will offer more stability in setup.

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    re: Server setup hangs during "registering components" at 13 min mark

    Try disconnecting external connections i-e Modems, network, Hard drive etc..It sorted my problem out..

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