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Thread: Activesync over air error 0x85010001 on Windows Server

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    Activesync over air error 0x85010001 on Windows Server

    I need help in setting up Active Sync. It is not working. I am trying to configure 4.5 version mobile which has 6th edition. Now the connectivity is fine and there is no issue with other settings. But somehow when I try to sync with the same I am getting a 0x85010001 on the screen. I had purchased SSL and somehow it looks ActiveSync is refusing the connection. The user credentials are not able to work properly. How to manage the same.

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    I am trying to configure USB sync on a client system and trying to sync the same with Exchange folder. I also got the same error. There can be multiple stuff with the same. You can buy cert from a public website. A certification sync is another annoying stuff with active sync devices. I think it depends on the version of mobile and sbs and on that basis it syncs.

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    You can track the error details in log. You can find more information in it. It looks the server is not accepting the connection due to which it fails and giving you trouble. There are chances that you face some bad request problem also but somehow it will work well with simple configuration. You must first check that what version of Active Sync supports your system and then try to connect. Old version can be buggy that can annoy you.

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    I can provide you some set of links that would help you to deal with the problem. There can be number of things that you can try out. You can check all the links one by one. There are some error codes for reference that would guide you more on the problem.

    How to troubleshoot ActiveSync 4.0 or later error codes and messages
    How To Troubleshoot Server ActiveSync
    ActiveSync Generates a "Synchronization Error" Error Message if the Repl.dat File Is Missing

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