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Thread: Stop 51/Registry_Error/Constant reboot

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    Stop 51/Registry_Error/Constant reboot

    My server crashed due to power failure. So the backup was affected but it was in the loop. Later on when we started I found error related to some registry issue. I tried to restore back the last changes but still it is not working well. I had configured the FTP service on the new IP but still it looks I am not able to get access. I am trying to boot the system in safe mode and still facing trouble. I removed the FTP service. But error still remains the same.

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    Did you tried to go in safe mode. What error you are getting. You have to go on the safe mode screen and select last good known configuration. That would help you to get rid of the errors. It looks some internal event is affected due to which you are getting that error. What about event log. If this kind of stuff happen, you can simply use last good known configuration and the system is restored. But if that also is not working then you are in big trouble. Registry errors are not at all good.

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    It looks like a IIS problem to me. I think you will need to boot back normally and verify the settings of IIS. I hope that would help you more in dealing with the problem that you are facing. There is a meta back directory which you can use to restore the old settings. Just pray that it is not empty. this meta files are basically system specifics. So you just need to copy the files and done your system would get back to normal.

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    Can you start IIS in safe mode. I hope that can help you in many ways to fix the issue. Is there a RAID setup in your system. Check the status of the same. If there are more number of errors then it can be due to failure of raid controllers. While metabase corruption lies at the end part. But somehow I am not able to figure out the relation with the error. I hope there would be some easier option available to recover the same.

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    Manual restore is another best way to fix your problem. But for that you will need more detailed documentation. I am also trying to find out a bit more information on the error but it does not looks to be working well. I hope scandisk here can help you to get rid of some errors. Try to run that and see whether you get any fix for it.

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