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Thread: Sync Errors - Redirected My Documents Folder

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    Sync Errors - Redirected My Documents Folder

    I have installed a SBS 2003 Server with SP1 and Exchange SP2 and also Windows 2003 SP2. The client I am usually testing with is Win XP SP2. I have enabled "My Documents Folder Redirection" and from then onwards I am getting errors during synchronization of folders. I am getting 2 error messages that are:

    "Incorrect function" (with a big red "X") for files of type:

    .exe, .lnk, .jpg, .pdf, .xls, .vsd, .pspcache

    "Files of this type cannot be made available offline" (yellow delta with "!")

    .pst, .mdb, .dbf

    I dont have a clue about the above messages and have found no information about same? I have now turned off redirection until I can learn whats going on here. Every files in these messages are usable, and not corrupted in any way. Is there any solution for this issue?

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    Re: Sync Errors - Redirected My Documents Folder

    There are certain file types are excluded by default as a means to prevent file conflicts and data loss. The mechanism that the Offline Files feature uses is Client-Side Caching (CSC). More information can be found here -

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    Re: Sync Errors - Redirected My Documents Folder

    I think that I know why you are getting that error, you have folder redirection enabled but you have also got offline files enabled, which means, the latter is what is causing this issue. I dont see any value in offline files on a Lan connected machine, and since I am using a custom GPO to setup my folder redirection, it is very easy for me to also disable offline files there in. To do the same, go to Computer Config >> Admin Templates >> Network >> Offline files >> allow or disallow use of offlin files feature, just disable it.

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    The issue occurs because of a race condition in the SMBv2 session. The race condition occurs when an SMBv2 client sends a cancellation command immediately after a file change command is sent. When the race condition occurs, the two commands are executed out of order. Therefore, the SMBv2 session is reset incorrectly. To solve this issue, follow the steps given here -

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