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Thread: Block Internet sites for certain users

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    Block Internet sites for certain users

    I have Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server SP2 and i want to know all possibilities of blocking certain users in my office from accessing specific sites like Live Messenger. I have heard that its possible but i don't know how. So is there anyone who can let me know the steps required for the same????

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    Re: Block Internet sites for certain users

    Below are your 2 options

    First, go into your DNSMGMT.MSC and add host records for the servers you might be willing to block. Just make sure that the servers point to the local loop address so that the users will get blocked as soon as their DNS cache gets refreshed.

    Second, you can also go in to your firewall and add rules to block the connection to those specific servers.

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    You can try this as well:

    Open Internet Explorer on your PC server.
    • Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Security" tab > "Restricted Sites" and add the websites you want to block via GPO.
    • After that open "Start" menu > Expand "Administrative Tools" submenu and select "Group Policy Object Editor."
    • Once you are dine with the above changes navigate to the "User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Security" directory, double-click on the item labeled "Security Zones and Content Ratings." and select "Import the current security zones and privacy settings" radio button.
    • Press "OK" to save the group policy configuration. The blocked sites that you set up in Internet Explorer will now be applied to all of the workstations in your domain.

    Just make sure that you are saving the changes before closing the windows.

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