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Thread: Cannot get IMAP to work

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    Cannot get IMAP to work

    I recently did a fresh install of SBS 2003 SP1 Premium with MS Exchange and OWA. There is yet no ISA installed on this server. Everything works fine including emals. But don’t now why I am not able to get the connection using IMAP though I have set the service automatic and is running properly. Whenever I try connecting, this is what I get:

    User name: gregghill
    Protocol: IMAP
    Port: 143
    Secure(SSL): 0
    Code: 800cccd1

    There are no errors in Event Viewer. Any ideas on why IMAP fails? Please help.

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    RE: Cannot get IMAP to work

    Before we go for any core troubleshooting just ensure that the IMAP4 service is configured properly. You can recheck the configuration with the steps provided in this Microsoft KB: if it is corect, just follow the steps provided below:
    • Open CMD prompt.
    • Type the following command and let me know the outcome: telnet localhost 143
    • Open Outlook Express.
    • Click Tools menu and click Accounts.
    • Click Add and click Mail.
    • Key in your name and click Next.
    • Key in your e-mail address and click Next (such as administrator@domain.local).
    • Choose IMAP from the list and key in your DC's FQDN (such as server.domain.local) for IMAP and SMTP servers.
    • Key in your user name and password (such as Administrator and its password).
    • Finish the wizard and click Close to close the Internet Accounts window.
    • Click Yes to retrieve folders.

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    Here's how to get IMAP on the iphone working with a self-signed SSL cert:

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    Re: Cannot get IMAP to work

    Make sure, the user's alias & the logon name is same!

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    Re: Cannot get IMAP to work

    Yeah, that’s correct janos. But still if the problem persists then try out the following steps:

    1. Open ESM.
    2. Go to Servers/Servername.
    3. Right click the Servername and click Properties.
    4. Click Diagnostics Logging tab.
    5. Choose IMAP4Svc from the services list.
    6. In the right pane, change all items' Logging level to Maximum.
    7. Click OK to save the change.
    8. Restart IMAP4Svc and reproduce the problem.
    9. Open Event Viewer and post all related logs here.
    10. Undo the changes to Diagnostics Logging.

    Let me know the results.

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