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Thread: sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

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    sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

    Hello, I’m using a SBS 2003 which came pre-installed with Dell server (OEM). This is about a year old and was running very fine. Recently I upgraded it with SP1. Installation went fine. But from the next day I noticed some change. It is sqlservr.exe service whose memory usage is growing day by day. Earlier it was less than 100MB but not it has gone over 1GB in just two weeks of time.

    Whenever I do a reboot the memory usage starts growing. For example, as of now during writing this post, it is using 837,230 MB with PID 2324. I’m afraid if it is not a signal of any huge upcoming problem with my server. Can anybody please tell me any permanent solution for this?

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    RE: sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

    I thought it was just me but seems like am not alone with this problem. Even my SBS server is running since years but exactly the same problem started just 3 months ago when I installed Service Pack. So it is because of the SP, right? One thing I noticed in these 3 months is a reboot fixes it for a month or so but that’s obviously not a proper fix for this problem. Hope to get a permanent fix for the same.

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    Re: sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

    Hey same here, even my problem started after updating it with Service Pack 1. But unlike you guys I just restart the service when it reaches upto 1GB instead of restarting the server itself. I have been searching forums for help regarding this but dint came across any so far.

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    Re: sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

    Let me tell you the cause of this high memory usage problem. You might be knowing about ISA 2004. It uses SQL server which consumes as much memory as possible. And this is why you are noticing so much of memory usage. So, if I’m not wrong you guys might have updated ISA 2000 to ISA 2004 which resulted in this problem.

    Anyways, there is also a solution available for the same where you need to reconfigure the memory allocation thru console. Here's the links that should help...

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    Re: sqlservr.exe memory use grows over time

    Thank you very much for sharing such useful info, those instructions for SBS Monitoring worked. I only have SBS 2003 SE, so I didn't have to worry about the ISA issue. Thanks again!

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