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Thread: Migration issues in regards to FRS replication

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    Migration issues in regards to FRS replication

    I am in need of help badly im a little out of my league dealing with this. I have a similar issue as to the below users troubles. My scenario was initially sbs 2003 to 2008 which went ok. Now attempting to migrate to 2011 I had initially a journal wrap error to which I was informed the fix was the add Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore whith a value of 1 to hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\ntfrs\parameters

    This caused my only DC to remove itself from its roles as DC and stop sharing sysvol and netlogon I have since recreated the shares manually which could be the problem but I do not know how else to do this. I cannot complete the fix that worked for the above link as my DC has the same name as the previous server did.

    I have tried restoring from my backup but this is the first time it has failed me.
    Currently all FSMO say the are pointing to my correct server and DNS looks to be working correctly. But i still cannot get

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    Re: Migration issues in regards to FRS replication

    How many DCs do you have?

    What exactly is your problem?

    Sysvol/netlogon not shared on one DC?

    Do you still get journal wrap errors? If yes paste the error here-

    Have you looked at KB315457 and KB292438 solution?

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