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Thread: Boot section on different drive.

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    Boot section on different drive.

    SBS 2008. D: = 160GByte original drive. C: new RAID 1 drives.

    When installing for some reason the windows boot files are on the separate D: drive and the rest of it on the C: drive. I want to get the D: drive removed.

    If I remove the D: drive and reboot with the instalation disc and select repair. Will the boot section be recreated on the C: drive and happily I can leave the D: drive out?

    Note I have E: and F: as extra partitions on the RAID. So hoping these will not cause problems if there is a "missing" drive letter in the new arrangement.

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    Re: Boot section on different drive.

    While playing with Raid drives you must be very careful. First I will recommend you to have data backup and then only go for any setup or modification. Raid drives are mirrored and controlled by Raid controllers which create common effect on multiple partition. The process which you are telling, I worry you might need to re-install Windows back again.

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    Re: Boot section on different drive.

    Then I guess I will have to leave it as is! Thanks.

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