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Thread: Conflict between Windows 7 Offline files and SBS 2003

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    Conflict between Windows 7 Offline files and SBS 2003

    I am dealing with a problem between Windows 7 offline files and SBS 2003 Folder redirection. I am not at all aware how it all started. I am running a Windows 7 on my laptop. I am just testing the laptop to hook it on the server and share some files. But it looks there is a something which did not worked. The laptop that I am using has windows 7 x64 OS. Now the problem basically lies with offline folders. I am able to see all the documents and they are synced also. The problem lies with laptop. when I login sometime there are empty folders. This only occur if I am trying to do the same on offline mode.

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    I am also on the same kind of network. There is a workstation that has Windows 7 x64 PS and it is connected to the server. There is no issue with it. I can see my files on both offline/online mode. There is on problem with any files and folder. It looks your system is dealing with some kind of permission of space problem. You will need to check out the settings and ensure that it is appropriate or not. You can go in Sync Center which is located inside Control Panel and there click on Manage Offline Files. You can simply check out the disk usage which will help you to find out the amount of space left.

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    Re: Conflict between Windows 7 Offline files and SBS 2003

    I have a 64bit version of Windows 7 and it is connected to the SBS 2003. Here things are working fine. I am not having any issue to view offline or online files. A common problem behind the issue you are facing is low space. The system might be out of space which is causing the problem and also there can be permission issue. So you have to check this two things first. The second thing you can try here is to find out proper sync settings. You can find that in Control Panel. Locate Sync Center in that and then click on Manage Offline files. Click on Disk Usage. See that you have allowed enough space here. Try changing the limits once.

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    Re: Conflict between Windows 7 Offline files and SBS 2003

    The problem is with the damage registry. The procedure to fix the issue is listed on the below link. Just visit it and you can see some registry settings that you have to modify and get what you are looking for. To recovery the registry file you will need Windows installation. Without that this procedure is not going to work. You can then perform the steps provided in the below link and resolve the problem you are facing. You have to launch the Recovery Console through Windows installation disc and type the line mentioned in the link below to fix registry.

    How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

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