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Thread: SBS 2008 OWA not working

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    SBS 2008 OWA not working

    I am working on SBS 2008. This is a new server and I was working on SBS 2003. I am quiet familiar with SBS 2003. It is easy to use but my admin told to switch to new server for additional features and stable options. After upgrades it looks things are working fine. I had checked all stuff they are working. Later on I found that there is some issue with OWA. It looks to be working fine but somehow there is a trouble with connectivity. I am getting a error that IE is not able to display web page. I had also open a port for the same. The port number 443 is excluded in the firewall access but still it is not working.

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    Try to reconfigure the same again and then check back. It is necessary that you must have proper configuration settings that would work well. The best thing to is to check out the documentation based on OWA configuration. I am sure that will help you more. Below is link that will help you more in fixing the issue that you are facing. It has detailed information on accessing the OWA settings and how to manage the same. You can find more reference of this kind on the technet website.

    Managing Office Outlook Web Access in Windows Small Business Server 2008

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    It looks you had not configured the url for external access due to which you are getting that error. You can use network configuration wizard to check all the settings properly once again. The wizard will guide you to add a proper url in CAS portaion of Exchange. Or you can simply start working from scratch which would be much more helpful. Ensure that security applications are not blocking the accessibility.

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    Did you tried Fix My Network Wizard. It can help you easily. If there is any port blocked Fix My Network Wizard will open the same. I hope you will not get any errors while using the same. Still there is one more way to find out more information about the problem you are facing. Just go in Event Log. You can find description on the error there. You can on that basis can fix the problem and deal with further issue.

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    Do you have a router with firewall. The connection is blocked and it is not configured to access the same from outside due to which you are facing trouble. You can simply try to add the connectivity under exclusion list and then only it is going to work well. Here accessing OWA is just like managing your site through remote access. So you will need to check out all the settings related to that in the router as well in the system and then see whether it works or not. It is not a error but some restriction is causing the problem.

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    Re: SBS 2008 OWA not working

    We only use Drayteks (2820's in the main), and they NEVER go wrong.

    They have lots of functionality as well.

    The remote managment port is disabled out of the box, so it must have
    been enabled, you can change that port to anything that you want

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    I am now sitting with what seems to be a similar problem here, I was using a ZyZell router and then went and got a netgear router, enabled the UPnp then ran the Fix my network, the wizard entered port numbers 987, 25, 443 and 80 into the portmap table but I still cannot access or, I can access and get to the IIS7 image on my server.
    A portscan with tells me only only http port 80 is open and the rest are closed.

    Thanks Ace, will start a new.

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    Re: SBS 2008 OWA not working

    I had exactly the same issue as you using a Draytek 2800.

    The issue is with the management port setup on the Draytek, the default management port for https is 443, you must change this to another port in order for 443 traffic to be forwarded to your server.

    The management port setup is in the System Maintenance -> Management menu on the Draytek

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