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Thread: forward exchange mail to gmail

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    Help to forward exchange mail to gmail on Exchange

    Does anyone knows how to forward a copy of email to gmail. I am working on Exchange Server at my office. I want some way through which I can simply forward a mail to gmail. I want to do this for both incoming and outgoing mails. I am trying to find out some utility or options but nothing is found. I am sure there will be some option available that can do the same. The most important thing that I need is forwarding the incoming mail to the gmail account. I cannot find anything inside Exchange server.

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    You can start working with AD. You can create a AD Contact and then hook the same to gmail. You can also verify the same in mail box properties. I think there are some steps available that can really work. But there is no definitive guide available that can really help on the same. I think you can do the same using a set of different email account and it might be possible. You can simply try to do the same using a copy of email.

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