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Thread: SBS 2008 Companyweb

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    SBS 2008 Companyweb

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to reinstall the Companyweb in SBS 2008? I actually removed the same because to a Sharepoint problem and after reinstalling Sharepoint, Companyweb is missing and its indicated as such in the SBS Console >> Network >> Connectivity >> Fix my Network, but there is no way to solve it from the same wizard? Please help.

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    Did you try to restore data that you had loaded in CompanyWeb or the out of the box features of Companyweb, where exactly did you reinstall from? You wont be able to run MOSS on an SBS box. The Sharepoint server cannot coexist on the same box as Exchange, check the below article for instance:

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    Re: SBS 2008 Companyweb

    I played around on my SBS 2008 dev box reinstalling Sharepoint.
    I did not manually remove companyweb or anything..that is for another night.

    If it's a point of reinstalling Sharepoint as opposed to a companyweb issue, you will have to set the binding in IIS.

    Go to the IIS manager.
    Open the server, then sites.
    Click SBS Sharepoint.
    Choose bindings on the right.
    Make the host header companyweb on port 80

    I know this will not solve most peoples issues, but hopefully someone will find this helpful.

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    There is an article that describes how to repair information for problems you might encounter with Windows SharePoint Services in your Windows SBS 2008 network. Follow the same on this website -

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