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Thread: The target principal name is incorrect. (-2146893022)

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    I had just able to locate the IIS Metabase file. There is a discussion on that on above post. You can find that in Exchange OWA Virtual folder. Go inside AppRoot. It looks that if this is missing you get that kind of problme. You can verify the same inside /LM/W3SVC/1/Root/Exchange. The default attribute which is used is AppRoot. If this is missing then this kind of errors are common and you will be annoyed with the same.

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    I can offer you a bit description on OWA and on this error. First can you tell me that are you able to access OWA from SBS Domain Client. It is very important here. And again then check that you will be able to access the same through SBS server. It is necessary that you must explain all the problem that you are facing step by step. So just provide me two information here whoever is facing the problem. First. ensure that OWA starts and you can work on SBS server and second you can simply publish the OWA on ISA server.

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    Re: The target principal name is incorrect. (-2146893022)

    Try this out. I am sure it will help you. First remove ISA and then try to re-run CEICW. You can check out by turning on and off firewall. That would really help you. Once you are done try to choose the service and complete the configuration using CEICW. Try this and post here what issue you are facing.

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    Thank you for the updates. I had played around CEICW. But as the installation was not really working well I removed ISA on the SBS server. I got error 403.6. There was some problem with the IP address and somehow the external IP did not allow me to access OWA site. I tried to find out the information in directory security but still it does not work. There is one small solution I found that can help you. First go in IIS MMC and then simply right click on the exchange directory. There you can find the default web site. Choose the right directory security and choose edit. In the IP address and domain name restriction dialog box just check that you have granted access. The exception list must be empty. Later on just click OK and done.

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    I had run CEICW after re-installing all stuff. I had verified the Grant Permission and checkout. Everything is proper. Now this is something different. It looks the issue is getting complicated here. When I type the ip in dns I went to the template section page. It took me to some localhost/_layouts/1033/templatepick.aspx.

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