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Thread: SBS 2008: virtualisation using Vmware

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    SBS 2008: virtualisation using Vmware

    I am using Windows Server 2008 Premium. I had installed Virtualizatoin software on it. It is provided by Microsoft. I am also having a SBS Standard edition. Now here I am trying to work on virtualization on Dell PowerEdge T1000. It has a Quad Core intel processor on the same. I just want to know what is the performance of virtualization on this server. Can I host multiple server on the same at a time. I need some expert advice on vmware. I am trying to use other software also that would work well.

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    I will recommend you to upgrade your hardware and then check back. By adding more ram or a better storage will give you more option to configure virtualization on the server. Many think that on 4 or 8GB ram vmware will perform well, but you are not aware that you will need to around 16GB to get better performance. I think we can wait back until virtualization can simply go more effective based on hardware utilization.

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    I too agree with that. I had tested the same on a 4GB ram and faced a bit performance issue. It can be complicated to make it work properly without good ram. Compared to high processing power, virtualization needs more physical memory. It does not matter what edition of Windows Server you are using. You need to check the system requirements in buying a server and then enabling that on your network.

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