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Thread: User Limits 2008

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    User Limits 2008

    Hi, I have a Standard SBS 2003 network connected with 60 users. These users work alternatively on the basis of 3 weeks. I mean, 3 weeks ON and 3 weeks Off. And hence we have 30 systems connected with this network with 60 users. Now, as I bought software assurance, I’m allowed to upgrade my server to SBS 2008 from 2003. Because I buy per device cals does this mean that I can surpass the 75 user limit in SBS 2008 or do we have to upgrade to Windows Essential Server to get past the 75 user limit? Please provide some advice.

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    Re: User Limits 2008

    I would say SBS 2008 is the correct (infact best choice) if you don’t have any future plan to exceed more than 75 workstations. And you can have over 300 users also if you choose device cals.

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    Re: User Limits 2008

    As far as I know User / Device CAL licensing is essentially unchanged from that of SBS2003 R2, except for 2008 server provisions. Only the difference between is in "Premium CALs" for users / devices accessing SQL. I don’t think this is going to create any issue if you want to continue with the Standard version of SBS2008.

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    Re: User Limits 2008

    If you any device which needs to remote access the server including RWW or RDP then with Device CALs you need a CAL as well. With that many users you might want to evaluate EBS for your growth. So I don’t think it is going to effect your ability to upgrade to SBS 2k8 with SA.

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