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Thread: Help - Server Down

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    Help - Server Down

    I am using a SBS 2003 Premium Server that is not working properly and it will not give out IP addresses from the DHCP after a restart. The only thing that I can see is that a service is not starting on the server and I am unable to manually start it, since it is set to automatic "IPsec services". If I am trying to start it manually, then I am getting the below error message:

    Could not start the IP Services
    Service on Local Computer Error 10048: only one usage of each socket address (Protocol\network\address\port) is normally permitted.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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    By looking up the error message that you have written, it seems to whether the DHCP service is actually started or not. Can you try to find out any other errors in the event logs? Did you try to run the SBS BPA?

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    The error seems to be the DNS poisoning patch, follow the below link incase you have not, and then run through this and its related resolutions and let us know the results:

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    Re: Help - Server Down

    ok guys the first thing u all need to do to get ur server back up it to uninstall the update that u just install and restart that should help i an currently working on the same proplem i should have an answer by monday will keep you guys upto date

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    Re: Help - Server Down

    I had the same prob with Server 2003 Standard.

    Believe it or not I did the following.

    1. I ran Winsockfix (you can download this from most major program sites i.e.,

    2. I then instead of restarting I shutdown the server took out all plugs so that there isn't electric to motherboard and integrated nics. Waited about 15 seconds so all electric in capacitors are drained.

    I turned back on system and everything worked.

    Hope this helps too.

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    Re: Help - Server Down

    Error 10048: Per SiteDefense's suggestion, I shut down the server, took out all plugs so that there was no electricity to the motherboard or integrated nics. Waited about 15 seconds so all the capacitors were drained.

    I turned back on system and everything worked.

    This is without a winsockfix.
    Thanks for your help.

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