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Thread: sbs 2003 how to deploy network printers?

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    A number of users on the network are reporting about printer document redirection. They are reporting a message that - printer at home remotely receives documents in pool. I had disconnected the printer and later when I checked the printer preterites there are number of documents pending for the same. There are around 6000 print job. I do not understand from where does so much print job appeared. How can I stop the same.

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    You are able to print through terminal server using RWW. It looks that there is some automated service due to which the documents are queued. So you must first check the services and print settings that what number of copies are provided. The documents are automatically configured due to which the print job keeps on increasing. You can try to remove the existing pool and then reconfigure the entire printer back.

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    sbs 2003 how to deploy network printers?

    I’m running a small business with SBS 2003 with latest Service Pack installed. There are few client workstations with Windows XP Pro. We have 6 printers running on a separate windows 2003 server. Now I want to install on each user profile so that users can access the printers from whichever PC they want. Is there a way I can deploying network printers to my clients? Also please let me know if it is possible to set the default printer on a per user of group basis? Many thanks.

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    Re: sbs 2003 how to deploy network printers?

    I would like to know whether your Printers are listed in the directory? I mean did you check mark the option for the same while installing or sharing the printers? If yes, then I’m sure they would be already showing up for your users. Anyways, just click the link below for more information on the same.

    Deploy printers by using Group Policy:

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    The problem lies with DNS settings. Due to which you are getting the problem. How you are applying the settings. Is that on automatic mode via DHCP or you adding all the settings manually. You can hit ipconfig /all to find out whether the clients or even the server is getting valid configuration or not. A number of time DHCP does the job and there is no great issue. But if DHCP is facing problem with network configuration try to add the dns and other settings manually. The issue will be resolved.

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    Its a virus.

    I've encountered this with several servers. In every case, it is a PDF printer of some kind generating jobs every second or so.

    I can't turn off printer redirection because it is needed.
    I suspect it is a printer driver issue (missing drivers for other printers.)

    Ah, my apologies, for both the outburst and the confusion. Could someone point me to the newsgroup?

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    Its virus or not issue is not that.
    issue is this that have any body solve the problem of this.

    i need it badly, please help

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Many Remote Desktop Redirected printer doc

    I don't know guys but isn't it easier to just install a software solution for this like for exampl Remote Desktop Printer

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    Re: Many Remote Desktop Redirected printer doc

    Let me know if you have installed OneNote 2010 on your system? Once you have signed in you will get a notification which would ask that where you wanted to save your printed file? In case you have disabled OneNote or selected any other printer Remote Desktop Redirected Printer Doc begins with spamming on printer spooler. So remedy is remove OneNote 2010 from your system and see whether it works for you.

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    Re: Many Remote Desktop Redirected printer doc

    In this particular situation I recommend to run following command on the command prompt and see whether it is working or not.
    sfc /purgecache
    sfc /scannow
    could be possible that core files & dlls are corrupted and above mentioned command would replace them with original one.

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