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Thread: iPhone 3G won't sync with SBS 2003

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    iPhone 3G won't sync with SBS 2003

    I am running a SBS 2003 SP1 with MS Exchange SP2. I’m having a Windows Mobile since long time and have configured it with my SBS server. I can receive and send my mails without any problem.

    Now recently I bought anew iPhone 3G which I want to configure with SBS. First I try with Safar on the phone using which I was able to log on to OWA properly, even RPC/Http is also working but don’t know why iPhone is not syncing with the SBS server.

    Any help please?

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    RE: iPhone 3G won't sync with SBS 2003

    There are few related articles in Apple Knowledge base. I think you need to refer the same for your issue. Here they are:
    1. How to set Activesync settings in iphone:
    2. Iphone enterprise support:

    Meanwhile I would like to ask whether you are able to sync your iPhone with desktop computer e.g. Outlook for mails and contacts etc.?

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    Re: iPhone 3G won't sync with SBS 2003

    I had the same problem last month with my phone. Even my Exchange was configured to sync with Mobile devices but still no local or server name was working on my device. Finally I called up an IT guy who fixed the problem. He just created a Virtual Directory for OMA. That’s it.

    I came to know that the default preinstalled one doesn’t works properly with certain devices. Hence you just need to create a custom OMA page with the correct settings

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