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Thread: Low Disk Space on SBS 2003 SP2

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    Low Disk Space on SBS 2003 SP2

    We are running SBS 2003 server that is going out of disk space on the C: drive. The biggest files are on the C: drive that appear to be log files located in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\LogFiles\W3SVC1. These log files take the form exyymmdd.log and are titled as "Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0". I have created a new Log Files folder on the E: drive and using the IIS MMC redirected the log files for the default website to the new folder. The new logs are now being added to this new folder while the same folder on the C: drive has stopped growing. The question that I seek is whether I have taked the right steps or not? I dont know what these log files are used for but they appear to replicated Exchange transaction logs. Did I corrupt them by moving them in the manner described? Is there going to be some issues if I delete them or move the completely? Thanks for any answers.

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    Re: Low Disk Space on SBS 2003 SP2

    Normally, the folders most often found on the system drive that can be moved are Exchange Databases, log files, user shared folders, and windows uninstall folders. All of this do not have to reside on the system partition.

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    I think that it is not a good idea to delete Windows file or those you are not aware of. I tried Windows cleanup utility once, and it only freed upto 50mg space which was useless. You can instead try to resize and extend the drive partitions by some good parition software. The only problem is that there is no free partition software for Servers. Incase you are not able to free up space, then backup the improtant files and then resize paritions.

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