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Thread: WSUS 3.0 stopped working after server reboot

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    WSUS 3.0 stopped working after server reboot

    I am facing issue after upgrading WSUS to from The update was fine and does not gave any error while working. I can login to web based WSUS screen. After server reboot when I tried to access WSUS I am getting 404 error in the browser. It was find when the update finished but after update it stopped working. I had to run some updates on workstations. How can I restore the old settings back if this new thing does not work.

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    It looks the service is either stopped or block because of which you cannot access. Just verify the update server, iis and sql are working or not. You can check the same in services. There is detailed documentation available which will guide you for step by step process. Or else just check the below link that has ample of details related to your issue.

    Issues with the WSUS 3.0 Administration Console

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    Try to reconfigure the same back again. Go in %appdata%\Microsoft\MMC\ and delete the WSUS file. Then check whether you can enter the update. This can be issue with file permission also.
    Using the WSUS 3.0 Configuration Wizard

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