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Thread: Uninstall WSUS

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    Uninstall WSUS

    I had installed WSUS previously and since it is not in use i want to uninstall it. My problem is that when i am trying to uninstall it from control panel then it says it will uninstall " SQL desktop Jet Engine (windows)" as well. I don't want it to get uninstalled as there are some other programs in my system using it. So i want to know if there is some other way by which i can uninstall just WSUS from my system???

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    In that case you can try uninstalling WSUS manually, you can refer to below steps for the same:
    • Remove the registry key at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services
    • Remove the IIS "WSUS Administration" virtual server (if it exists).
    • Remove the IIS virtual directories in the Default Web Site used by
    • WSUS.
    • Remove the %programfiles%\Update Services folder.
    • Remove the ~\WSUS folder
    • Uninstall the database server via Add/Remove Programs.

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    Re: Uninstall WSUS

    Can't you just run the Wsussetup.exe in the Program Files\Update Services\?
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