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Thread: Manually Add KB patch to WSUS for deployment

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    Manually Add KB patch to WSUS for deployment

    I want to know if we can force a KB patch into WSUS for deployment?? Actually i am willing to force "Update for Outlook 2003 (KB924423) - This update provides holidays for the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 calendar for the years 2007 through 2012." If it is possible then how ? if not then is it available for update??? Is there anyone who has any idea about it??

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    You can try to import updates from Microsoft Update Catalog. Just go tot the Updates node and in "Action Pane" you will see "Import Updates" option. If any update might be available, then you should be able to see it there. I also wanted to add that Theoretically it is possible to manually add KB patch to WSUS for deployment but i haven't come across anyone who have tried that and have got success. If you want to know about its possibilities then i will suggest you to contact Microsoft support and have a word with them.

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    Re: Manually Add KB patch to WSUS for deployment

    It is not right to stay that there is a direct method available. But there are certain things you can try out. You can go ahead in the console and select from different criteria to configure WSUS. You can manage update classification. You can choose different products and also you can apply updates to a specific group. You can sync the update time period and restrict certain updates. This are the things you can do. Here you cannot see we have any manual update procedure. So you have to try to look some other way if you are planning to do it through WSUS.

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    Re: Manually Add KB patch to WSUS for deployment

    There is one thing you can try directly in WSUS. This would not require any third party support. For that first you will require to create a group. Then you can choose the updates you want to approve and apply them to the specified group only. In this way you can restrict the update to few systems easily. You don't have to go with a manual procedure. Sometime there will be issue with publishing all the updates. You can avoid that. There are few helpful articles on web which has a manual procedure. But that does not apply to all kind of updates.

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