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Thread: WindowsUpdateAgent 3.0 install error

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    WindowsUpdateAgent 3.0 install error

    The updates on Windows 2000 SP4 was fine, but it crashed on WSUS 2.0 SP1. I had tried to done that manually but there is a error. It stopped after that. The error number was 0x8024D007 which was related to wuapi.dll failure issue. I am not able to figure out why this dll error occurs as everything went quiet fine. I am looking for more help here. How can I make the update stable my re-installing it. It would affect other workstation on the network also.

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    This is a clear issue of dll UN-registration. You have to re-register the same by using the command regsvr32.exe. You can do that through command prompt. Re-registering the same by manually is far more better. You must do that through admin account. Because in limited account you will receive the same error back. Second thing find the logs and check if there are any more error listed. Try to run system restore in safe mode and then run the updates back.

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    I am getting a 0x8024D007 while forcefully running the standalone installer. As you said I had tried to register wuapi. dll manually. But that did not worked. I am logged in the local account and also turned of my antivirus. The log files is in the windows directory. I had had extracted a little amount of details. First the associated process was wusetup.exe. Later the error was mentioned 80040154 which showed reference of failed service. The warning was related to CEventNamespaceDefinition::Init failed and InitReportingComponents failed. While in the entire list the error showed issue with wuaueng.dll file. It is a quiet big log file. I cannot post that entire here.

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    The issue looks a clear problem with WindowsUpdateAgent3.0. Try to re-install Windows Update Agent 3.0. Because the re-installation might fix the dll registration issue also. There is no fix available that can automatically solve the issue. If the installation does not work properly then you can try /wuforce method also.

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    I have a error code on my screen saying 0x8024d007. I had tried to fix the issue in safe mode but that did not worked well. I had installed WindowsUpdateAgent2.0 exe but on start I am getting a weird error mentioned above.

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    I think your registry is corrupted. I found two helpful article which can provide a bit detailed info on the issue. You have to read the same properly. There are two articles based on the issue. The first one is on installation of Windows Update agent in client systems. The detailed process lacks troubleshooting steps but it is enough to begin from scratch. The second one offer you some troubleshooting support for fixing updates on client system. The error code 0x8024d007 is not listed here, but there are similar issue mentioned. You can try their fixing steps.

    How to Install the Windows Update Agent on Client Computers
    Troubleshooting Software Updates Client Issues

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    I was able to fix this by modifying the system registry. You have to launch registry edit by typing regedit in Start > Run. In that look for Microsoft.Update.AgentInfo under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Right click on the same and then change the value to allow. You must allow with for all. Do the same thing for Microsoft.Update.AgentInfo.1. Restart your pc and then check back. If you are not sure about making changes you can keep a registry backup with you. That will help you to restore the registry in case of any failure. One more thing I want to mention here is check the permission for different keys.
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    Re: 0x8024D007 Win XP SP3 in Windows Virtual PC in Win 7

    My situation is trying to get this working for Win XP SP3 within a Windows Virtual PC + XP Mode running on a Windows 7 host pc. I get the 0x8024D007 error when manually downloaded and running the standalone Windows Update Agent Installer V3.0 (WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe) in the virtual machine.

    Using regmon as suggested above to monitor registry activity while running the Windows Update Agent Installer, I filtered and noticed a couple of Access Denied messages on HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost (the operation was regsvr32.exe trying to do a RegCreateKey, Desired Access: Set Value, so maybe it is trying to create an additional key or setting within the SvcHost branch?).

    In regedit for this SvcHost key I right-clicked and found its permissions were not allowing Full Control for Administrators or SYSTEM or Users (ie they were read-only). I could understand this for Users, but not for Admin/System?

    Anyway I ticked Allow for Full Control in Admins and SYSTEM, then tried running the WU installer and this time it ran successfully.

    Now Windows Update starts IE and gets to the proper update page with the Express/Custom updates options, without the annoying 0x8024D007 error (although the first thing it did was to update the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool, etc).

    [I did NOT need to revert to V2 of Win Update as suggested higher up this thread]

    Good luck
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