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Thread: WSUS 3.0 not synchronizing

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    WSUS 3.0 not synchronizing

    We have upgraded to full release of WSUS 3.0 from 3.0 RC and we have 1 WSUS upstream server and 7 downstream servers. Now when i am trying to connect from downstream servers to upstream server then i am getting an error message saying "The upstream server does not allow an anonymous downstream server to synchronize. This particular server has not been registered on the upstream server, or the upstream server Web service needs authentication. " at initial setup. i don't know what went wrong after upgrading to WSUS 3. Is there anyone who can help??

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    RE: WSUS 3.0 not synchronizing

    I am running in to same issue and i am not able to find out a fix for it. I have tried uninstalling - reinstalling 3.0 RC and upgrading to WSUS 3 again but no avail. I get same error message after upgrading while connecting downstream servers to upstream server. I have gone through other forums as well but i don't see any effective solution to try out. Were you able to solve it rlanghus ?? If yes then let me know the workaround as well, it will be very grateful.

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    Yes i was able to sort it out, you just have to remove integrated authentication and allow annonymous access from below websites within WSUS:

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