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Thread: WSUS Service not starting Automatically

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    WSUS Service not starting Automatically

    Whenever I start my system I am facing issue with WSUS. It is not starting at all. When the system startup I have to manually start WSUS. It is not working on its own. I thought it is going to work properly on startup but still it is not working. I am not able to figure out why WSUS is not able to start at its own. There are complications behind the same. I had went into the services but still in that the service is configured to automatic and it must work on its own.

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    You can find issue on that in the logs. It is located inside C:\windows\security\logs. Just open that and then check out the errors. You must copy that and paste it here so that there can be more help provided. You can also try to go back in services and put the service on manual and then again on automatic. Ensure that it is unblocked by the security applications. Sometime the firewall or antivirus are the cause of problem. Automatic Updates might be working well, but somehow the services is not appropriate and due to low permission this kind of problem appears. There is nothing much you can do in that.

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    I think you will need to re-install that and then only it is going to work. During startup there are chances that you face a problem with WSUS. But somehow the service is corrupted due to registry error. You must check in the server properties and try back. Re-installing the same from scratch and then configuring back the same properly may resolve the problem. Security software can create this kind of problem. You must run a manual windows update and then check the same once again.

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