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Thread: How to forcing Wsus to Download a patch

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    How to forcing Wsus to Download a patch

    I need some help to work with WSUS. Is there a way to force a patch through it and if yes then how. Also how to roll it out if there is any problem with the patch. You might found this confusing but I want steps to first install a patch and if there is any bug with the system after that patch installation I want to roll that back to restore the old settings back. I am sure it is going to help much. I do not think GPO here can really help and it would be a bit annoying to work on the same. I am looking for some kind of custom classification on WSUS. Any help on the same in appreciated.

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    You can go with by creating a group in your system. You can begin with creating a group called as emergency patch that can help you to work on the same. Later on you can change the status and then simply perform a single update. You must approve that and then only it is going to install. Or else it will be a waste of time to work on the group. Now once you are done with creating a emergency group move some computers in that. And force the update. I am not sure about rolling back the patches but this can help you to install them on the client system. You can test that with few and then go for all.

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    I found a link that can really help you. It is one of the best way to deal with the issue. This technology is loaded with some kind of powerful features which allows you to work with Windows 2000 OS. It increases the availability of different users on the network and it works on policy basis. You must test that out and see whether this is beneficial or not. I am providing a link below that will guide you to work on the same. The link has more information on it.

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