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Thread: Server Update service does not looks to be working well

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    Server Update service does not looks to be working well

    I am getting some problem with Windows Server. I am using WSUS here. The updates are fine, but sometime I am getting the same type of updates pending. Like day before yesterday I got some update associated with .net. I allowed the update for installation, but later on the same update appear back today. It looks it was not installed. The update number is also the same. In one of the system I applied the update by manual installation and the issue was gone. What can be the problem here by WSUS.

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    Re: Server Update service does not looks to be working well

    Why don't you keep it on auto update. That means instead of manual check just let the updates installed automatically whenever it is available. There are number of things that are associated with the issue. You can try reconfigure the same and then test back.

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    Re: Server Update service does not looks to be working well

    Sometime the issue is caused due to damage updates. Ample of time there are buggy updates released and they do not install well and keeps on giving you the same kind of popup on the screen. You can ignore that. It will be updated automatically. You only need to configure the settings back if the updates are not working well. Commonly such issues occur due to inappropriate download also. Just check once what are the recent updates installed. Try to remove them. It can be due to incompatible files also. In my case WSUS has stopped working on its own. There was a huge list of pending updates and I was not able to figure out the issue. I removed it and reconfigure it back from scratch which resolved the problem. Now it is working fine. If you are getting error then please post that, it is more easier to assist you on that basis. Errors are commonly generated when a associated process fails here. You can find more detail on the same in Event Viewer. Just click on Control Panel > Administrative Tools and in that click on Event Viewer. There are log reports that would help you dealing with the problem. Post the complete error description here through which it will be easier to assist you. You can test that and check out.

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    Re: Server Update service does not looks to be working well

    Just check once whether the port is not locked by the security application. WSUS uses a dedicated port for downloading the updates and then pushing them to other system. If it fails to download it properly it will give you trouble on installing the same.

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    Re: Server Update service does not looks to be working well

    A basic advice here is to restart your server. This will restart all the services in it and I hope the problem here would be resolved. If the issue remains constant then the only solution left here is to install WSUS back again from scratch. That might help you fixing the problem. But before going for re-installation you will also have to check on the client pc. You can run rsop.msc on every workstation and verify the settings one by one. A improper configuration can be cause of issue. The second thing you can do is run wuauclt /detectnow / reportnow and hit enter. It will generate a log file with more information on the problem you are facing. On which basis you can troubleshoot the system. You can find related info inside the log and I think that will be more better. If you are not able to understand the log thing you can post that here. Try provide the log details first, I hope that might be more helpful in locating the issue. Just by simple restart I think WSUS problem can be resolved.

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