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Thread: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

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    How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    I am going to manage a server soon on my new office. I had just finished my course in windows server. I am looking for some easy solution to fix the most common server issue. I am sure that will be more beneficial to fix the problem. I am carrying all utilities that I will require, but there are some common problem that appears every now and then. And there are some easy fixes. I am making list of the same. I need some more on the same so that I can instantly give solutions for the problem faced.

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    Re: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    The most common error that I had seen lies with update installation. A number of time updates failed to install. You can see a number of time on the server there are ample of updates which are pending for installation. Even when you had approved them. Now that can be due to many reasons. Sometime the update is buggy while sometime the issue lies with WSUS configuration. There will be annoying reminders about the update and sometime the desktop crash to load. For that at the below link I am giving you a tool that will help you to run Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter. This tool simply scans the system and check for the most known errors in the system. You can run that and clear the error issues. It is a tiny 77KB file that will tell you how to deal with the most common issue of windows server. I will advice you to run that every now and then whenever you face the problem. I am sure this will be the best for your package.

    Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues

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    Re: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    One issue that I had seen is a number of time WSUS does not shows you the right updates. The issue lies with the installer source. The updates which are applied are not properly optimized due to which you get the error. There is a manual fix for the same but no automated fix.

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    Re: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    Here is a complete reference for your issue. It will help you to fix the problem you are facing. Just go through the link. It has ample of updates and linked documents which will guide you to fix the problem. You can bookmark this link and keep a document ready for ample of issues you are facing.

    Troubleshoot common installation issues in Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server Update Services

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    Re: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    There must be some automated software that can work automatically to scan and fix the problem you are facing. There is a huge list of errors that commonly appear on windows server and you cannot do much in that. The common errors are http errors, config error, security errors, etc. The best thing to keep your server work properly without any problem is keeping a close watch on the log files. This log files gives you clear information on what are stuff going on in your system and also you can troubleshoot the same with reasonable solutions. So just check the logs everyday.

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