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Thread: Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

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    Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

    This is a kind of my first project on WSUS. I am trying to find some number of troubleshooting tools for WSUS. Issue with Windows update server is faced very commonly and ample of people face this. Right now those who are expert does not really need any kind of help for this. But what about those who does not really go in much details about the steps that are involved in troubleshooting WSUS manually. So I am here trying to find a number of tools that can be helped for quick troubleshooting purpose. I had seen some list but they were out of my mind as it was not stated clearly which tool will help to diagnose which issue. I tried testing out some but does not know the actual way of using it. Thanks.

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    Re: Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

    There are number of tool available for that. You can find that on There is a small utility called as WUA API header files. This is responsible for helping users to create application on WUA Agent public interface. This is a bit advance concept on Windows software which help users to create their own application on the base of WUA Api. The entire interface is well defined here and there is a short guide on web which can help you. You can use this tool to create basic utilities while working in WSUS widely. Or else for a small network this is not really needed. Another utility which according to me is kind of important is WSUS Reporting Rollup Sample Tool. It can help you to generate a report of update status on a computer. The report can be generated from the server itself. So you do need to read the client pc for information. I found this a quite nice tool really helpful to find the the issue behind non updation. There ar some sample files provided here which can help you to custom the tool as per your need to obtain much better functionality.

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    Re: Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

    Download Server Diagnostic Tool. This is a must for WSUS troubleshooting. This tool help the admins to collect various logs and config files which are filled with information that can be used for future troubleshooting. So why to wait for errors. The tool can guide and give you information on your current update status. There are lots of similar tool available here in comparison to this. But this one is quiet easy to use. What you need is to find how to read the config file. If you had just started working on WSUS then I will recommend you to go through this software. Whenever the client system faces a update error the tools keeps the log of same. You can diagnose your network for basic troubleshooting. Other than update check the tool perform a number of system check done by sample test. It find the communication error between client pc and WSUS server. So this tool is really very effective. And if you want to test the same from client point of view there is one tool for that purpose. Called as Client Diagnostics Tool the tool allow you to troubleshoot the error generated from Client machine. It is recommended that when you installing Server Diagnostic Tool you must also use Client Diagnostics Tool on client pc. It might be complicated to install the same in each and every system if it is a very large network. Once scanning is completed you can find the test report generated by the tool.

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    Re: Are there any Troubleshooting tools for WSUS

    Go on TechNet and you can find a WSUS troubleshooting guide. You can keep this for reference. Anyhow the tool is not the only solution for troubleshooting thing. You will need more reference. The guide is divided into number of parts. It begins with teaching how first how to find a information and understand the reason behind it. Second you can find options to collect, analyze and perform prescribed action against the problem occurred. Later on the problem can re-evaluated so that more better solutions can be used for coming future. This is how you should design your troubleshooting stuff.

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