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Thread: WSUS - Some windows XP clients not detecting

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    WSUS - Some windows XP clients not detecting

    I have installed WSUS server recently and i don't know why some Windows XP clients are not getting detected. I have tried rejoining the domain and using "wuauclt.exe/detectnow" command but no avail. They simply show red indication in WSUS server. I am not able to make out if there is something wrong with WSUS server or those Windows XP clients. I want to know if there is some other thing that i can try out for forcing the client machines to get detected by WSUS server.

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    Re: WSUS - Some windows XP clients not detecting

    If this issue is with some of your Windows XP client than there might be something wrong with them and not WSUS server. I will suggest you to use client diagnostic tools for WSUS and find out if it is reporting anything. You can also check out the configuration of those client's and check out %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log for tracking down the cause of the issue. Just go through the things Ive suggested and let me know what you find for further help.

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    Re: WSUS - Some windows XP clients not detecting

    Check the group policy whether it is applied on client machine.
    go to Run and type regedit and go to the path

    If you are using ghost then the wsusclient id of all machine will be same thats why only one machine will call to wsus server so you have to edit OR Delete wsusclientID registry.

    and then use wuauclt /detectnow command by CMD.

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