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    Re: Best Ebooks for learning Red Hat Linux

    Check out these ones:
    RedHat-4.6/RHEL-Installtion-Guide-x86-64-multi-en.pdf 949.56 kB
    McGraw.Hill.Fedora.Core.7.and.Red.Hat.Enterprise.Linux.The.Compl/MD5SUM.md5 0.10 kB...
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    Re: Graphics card under 8000 Rs

    Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 4GB is a good card but it has low Clock Speed. Clock Speed makes huge difference when it’s about gaming. Higher Clock Speed will let you run high end games smoothly. So...
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    Re: Digital camera under 20k

    Check out “Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 Point & Shoot camera”. It’s available for Rs. 19590 and meets your requirement as well. It has 14.2 Megapixel Camera, High Sensitivity MOS Image Sensor, 20x...
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    Re: ASUS Maximus V Extreme compatible case

    Get “COOLER MASTER HAF XM RC-922XM-KKN1”. One of my friends is having ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z in it. ASUS Maximus V Extreme and ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z have the same size so I don’t think...
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    Re: Kindle Paperwhite 3G cover

    If you want to get a fancy one than you can check out below ones:

    Verso Versailles Cover for Kindle, Black/White
    BUILT Neoprene Kindle Slim Sleeve Case, Scatter Dot
    BUILT Neoprene Kindle...
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    Re: UPEK Biometric fingerprint scanner operation

    Does it incorporate life detection technology?
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    It is a common habit of many users. They disable...

    It is a common habit of many users. They disable their firewall and rely on a free edition of a antivirus. Outdated software or OS has lots of security bugs and the virus in your system can take...
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    What about those who does has the KMS server. I...

    What about those who does has the KMS server. I had gone through a number of articles which says that KMS can run through DC without any issue. As I am planing to work with DC as KMS server. There...
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    Re: Export/import of computer accounts

    It is possible to do the same through some script, but there is some issue that I want to highlight before. First you cannot import the user User Account Security Identifiers. Even after migrating...
  10. Re: Export Certificate with Private Key from CA Management MMC


    Additionally you may start thinking about KRA and Key archival.
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    AD health check and cleanup

    Hi, I’m running a Windows 2003 SP2 native mode with Single forest and single domain. Now I want to upgrade my domain to Windows 2008 AD by putting a new DC with Windows 2008 R2. Before I do that I...
  12. Re: I need a free antivirus program for Windows 98 system!

    I think going with bootable scanning is much better option. I never thought that will work. There are tons of things we can do here. I had found a bootable disc that offers inbuilt antivirus...
  13. For Windows XP the regular options that are...

    For Windows XP the regular options that are available to increase performance is getting a good page file, disk defragmentation and disk cleanup. So it looks that XP users does not own much...
  14. There are some utility but before running them it...

    There are some utility but before running them it recommended that you keep multiple backups. You said your drive are going to damage soon, so there are less chances you go for some experiments. If...
  15. I will advice you to surf Microsoft website for...

    I will advice you to surf Microsoft website for that. You can find some fix for that on it. There should be some update available that can allow use to run floppy on new OS. Yes floppy is not...
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    Re: SBS 2008: Losing Default Gateway

    According to your situation the two causes coming to my mind are either you might have removed IPv6 or you have set hyper-v role enabled. Am I right? Also Does this machine have multiple NIC...
  17. Re: Find computer name from which user logged on last time ?

    I’m unsure it will work because our in my case our security logs only stores the data for one day, and the Event log APIs seem very slow if I compared it with UNIX. Anyways, I have used this script...
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    I found a small news on AVIRA forums which says...

    I found a small news on AVIRA forums which says that due to bigger update release the servers are too busy. There are millions of users which are already downloading those. So you can wait back till...
  19. This are common issue there is nothing to worry...

    This are common issue there is nothing to worry much. You can do one thing, run system restore. Choose the date prior to Media Player upgrade or Media Player uninstallation. This is one of the best...
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    Re: Microphone playback problems with vista.

    Well it depends completely on your sound card. I think you should better go through the sound card manual for it's settings or alternatively check the same on its official website. I am sure you will...
  21. Re: External USB Hard Disk Won't Initialize in XP/7

    It is correct. Try to check the usb port and then test back. Just connect the hard drive to some other port and see. I was getting the same issue when I had connected the hard drive to an usb hub. I...
  22. Re: server won't update from WSUS and getting error 0x80070002

    I was getting same error previously for one of my server, i had tried number of solution for fixing it out. The only solution that fixed this error was deleting below registry key:...
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    Re: Using Movie Maker to edit MP4

    Are you able to play those MP4 videos in Windows Media Player? If yes, then you dont require any extra codec for Moviemaker as well. Probably there would be some another problem. I would like to know...
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    Re: Computer keeps restarting

    The best thing here to fix the problem is to format your pc and make it simply clear. It is very important. The installation here just replaces the existing system files. So it is very essential that...
  25. I am using AVAST. But still I am not able to...

    I am using AVAST. But still I am not able to perform updates. It looks a bit complicated for me to work on the same. I am really very frustrated with the problem. But I found a Fix on Microsoft...
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    Re: VPN onto Windows Small Business Server 2003

    If VPN is creating so many problems why don’t you simply switch to RWW? It is also very good for the same.
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    Re: win32k.sys blue screen

    I appreciate your help 1kshana but as far as I know as mine is not the problem of KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, I don’t think the URL you provided is going to help me. Also, as per your...
  28. re: Looking for a good Registry Cleaner for 64 bit Vista

    I do not agree with that. I am using the one which makes my system better. There are many software available. Registry cleaner help you to clean your system by wiping out unwanted files and entries....
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    win32k.sys blue screen

    I am having a MSi laptop running with Windows XP Pro, recently upgraded it to SP2. I also have desktop at my home whos HDD is sent for repairing, hence I though use its monitor with my laptop as Dual...
  30. Re: A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within

    According to the errors i can see on Blue screen, it seems like it is a driver or hardware mismatch. How many stick of RAM are you running on your system? Try changing the memory slots and run RAM...
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    Hidden partition recovery dell xps 420

    I ma having Dell xps 420 desktop and there was "repair my computer" option in advanced boot options menu previously but it is not there any more. I dont know what went wrong with my system. f8 option...
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    office enterprise 2007 error

    Recently I bought Office Enterprises 2007 from Microsoft home use program and trying to install it on my Vista based desktop. Whenever I try running the setup it fails with error saying something...
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    Re: Exchange mailbox store

    Yes, it is possible. You can do this with the following command.

    adfind -sc u:userid homemdb

    This will export the homemdb of a user. Hope it helps.
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    RE: Windows Hotmail/Live mail server?!?!?

    Well those Mail Servers need to be put to pull the emails via POP3 or IMAP. You can get the complete details of setting up account in Windows live Mail in this article
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    Re: Office 2007 and Medialess License Kit

    Nope, you wont be able to use your MLK kit with any trial version because it is a different license than the conversion license for the trial software. It is used with the OEM products where...
  36. Re: Windows cannot find '

    Well the problem is clearly related to MS Office. You just need to insert your Office/Outlook Media cd in the DVD drive and and select the option to repair. Thats it.
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    Re: Adprep /forestprep error

    Dont worry Adrin. You need this:

    How to remove completely orphaned Domain Controller:
  38. re: Set file association through control panel not working in Vista

    The error clearly says "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this
    action. create an association in set association control panel", that there is no program installed....
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    No it will not work. I am not aware about the...

    No it will not work. I am not aware about the reason but it will not work. There are less chances the game might work if you use some old drivers. Vista is very buggy with old applications and above...
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    RE: Display the user permission on a share folder

    Hi Klums,

    You can use powershell, get-acl command.
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    Re: Running dcpromo /adv offline

    If I have been at your place I would have installed the new DC's at the main site where everything is running fine. Anyways, in case they have replicated, you should change the IP Address for the new...
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    I'm not sure what all the Office Lifeboat...

    I'm not sure what all the Office Lifeboat (OffLB.exe) watcher uses for criteria or timing to identify a problem. My understanding it that it's not something that can be customized, but you should be...
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    I want to ask one more thing. I am using the...

    I want to ask one more thing. I am using the virtual pc and I am on a wifi network. After configuration Windows XP, the wireless adapter failed to detect. I had tried to update the drivers. It is...
  44. Go for Safari. It will definitely work. The...

    Go for Safari. It will definitely work. The browser has option by which you can enable and disable 64bit mode. That means it work on both 32bit and 64bit mode. For that you just need to verify some...
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    I got the issue after installing ZoneAlarm. First...

    I got the issue after installing ZoneAlarm. First it was working well. A friend help me to make changes to the settings and he had managed to configure a proper vpn connection. But somehow after...
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    Did you tried running windows update. It would be...

    Did you tried running windows update. It would be a better option to fix this kind of problem. You can go in Event Viewer and find out a detail log report that puts more highlight on the error. You...
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    I had faced the same type of thing when...

    I had faced the same type of thing when installing a Tv Tuner Set box. It was detected but due to some reason Windows is unable to catch signal from it. Later on I updated the drivers. Sometime the...
  48. Re: No audio in DVD playback on PC - what am I doing wrong?

    What is the extension of your documentary video??? are you able to play mpeg format video without any issue??? If yes than your documentary video format might not be supported by windows media player...
  49. Re: Screen has rotated 90 degrees and is on its side!

    Sometimes there use to be any software that rotates the screen itself when you try to launch a very long sized document. It changes the display from landscape to Portrait mode itself. So, I guess you...
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    re: Is consent.exe a virus or spyware

    I had faced a similar issue. I am not sure what .exe file that was, but it appear to be working only when I was online. I had scanned my system but nothing happened. After a few days the system...
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