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  1. Re: What are the options other than Netflix on apple TV?

    I would say that itunes, amazon on demand, vudu and blockbuster all require you to rent the latest movies through instant stream. I would say that Netflix, hulu plus, amazon prime all have instant...
  2. Re: Cannot Connect to OnLive on 2mbps in India - error "your connection speed to internet is not sufficient"

    It’s worked well for me before two days. Actually, I was frightened with the results. I must say that; just give an attempt it early in the morning and not at crest hours.
  3. Re: How can I check that who visited/viewed my profile in facebook?

    Actually as I know that Facebook doesn’t allow its users to track profile views on how often a specific thing of content has been viewed and by whom. There exists is the third party developers who...
  4. Re: Difference among Video Calling and Webcam Sharing in YM 11

    No they are totally different than each other at whatever you concern such as their requirement and functioning. I would like to tell you about some of the difference that I have noticed rather they...
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    Re: Recently the Utorrent speed has slowed down

    I think that you should try to download the video or the game for which you are downloading it on the Utorrent. As the above user also have recommended you to use the normal download which you get...
  6. Re: My favorites not working and giving error message after installing internet explorer 9

    I suspect that you are affected by malware infections. Malware is just like a virus. I think you should check whether malware is there on your system or not. I would say that you must download...
  7. Re: Slow Streaming Video even after having Fast Internet Comcast Connection

    A PC running a streaming film needs sufficient free assets to work regularly. Clearing out the computer's registry, where info observing upgrade and installs are kept, is a great put to begin....
  8. Re: Cross Browser Testing WINDOWS XP, vista and windows 7

    I would say you may get some difference in the performance for sure, because the they operate at different plat forms.

    And as you are just asking but according to me you should try to test them on...
  9. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    It will be good for you if you can just upgrade the firmware for the router that you are using. What you can do is just connect the router trough the Ethernet cable and then download the latest...
  10. re: Maximum Distance Range of NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router

    However the wireless router always show there demerits for the range only, but accordingly they are the best if we talk about the wire and cable type connection, because they first of all occupy some...
  11. Re: Opera had made silent update of Opera Mobile 11.1 for Symbian

    I have already made the complain about the lot of issue to the new crash report system of opera I like to use opera web browser both on pc as well as on my mobile but this new release opera 11.1 was...
  12. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    I think on the PROPERTIES you utilized ADVANCED to get to the one indicated. There the DNS might as well be spotless and checked to get mechanically (Obtain DNS Server locations mechanically). On the...
  13. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    When I tried to open google+ mobile site on opera mini then it gives the problem. it immediately crashed and I am not able to do anything on that. Then I decided to perform an restore setting of this...
  14. re: Petition for exit button in opera mini by android users

    Well, my main reason why I would like an "exit" button Opera Mobile (and probably Omini) is closing force. After using Opera Mobile (Android) I get the annoying message "by force", the problem is...
  15. re: Indian Government sites not open in opera mini

    I am stay in the Bangalore and I also faced the similar kind of problem. Because I am Indian government servant I always need to visit these sites on my smartphone. I don’t know why this happen....
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    Re: How to Update Facebook Status via Opera Mini

    If you want to update the status of this Facebook account then I suggest to you for enter the share:facebook text at the end of this Facebook address bar. I suggest to you for using this simple way...
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    Re: Original Facebook site in Opera-mini 4.3

    This Opera mini 5 browser can do this task when the smartphone have brief memory to load the temporary support files on to this mobile phone. it definitely solve such problem if we can also set the...
  18. re: Explorer vs. Firefox in relation to windows sizing

    You can manually change the setting for the Firefox, for this first of all you have to reset Firefox's controls and toolbars. So to perform this step you have to close your fire fox completely, or...
  19. Re: How to transfer data from mozy online backup to Mac?

    Since you still have the PC running AND you have a thumb drive, that is the most fit gameplan to move your indexes from one computer to an additional now. It is moreover much snappier than...
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    Re: Steam Server Down

    It's always fun when there is no downtime. Hilarity ensures with people running (e-run) and decapitated chickens addition, during peak hours so that Pat could not be peak time for the valve. If you...
  21. Re: Age Verification is required every time when I visit Steam store

    Actually it has nothing to be against the law, if they are making someone to put their age and after that to utilize that gloabally in the store. Hence, I think they just not have seen enough...
  22. Re: Using IE Tweaker to Repair, fix and Tweak IE

    What I would like to say you that is before using the IE tweaker you need to take some security because there may be a point where you may not be liking the changes made by the Tweaker so you would...
  23. Re: Loader Error - The HttpQueryInfoA could not be located at System Start Up

    Make the use of sfc (Scan File Checker), go to run and type sfc/scannow may it help to resolve your problems. Since SFC is a high-quality utility to run while you suspect that system files have been...
  24. Re: How to completely remove the Firefox 6 default theme

    This online theme change option provides you many options on this mentioned site address. Few of these theme categories are as All Themes, Nature, Large, Miscellaneous, Modern, Retro, Sports etc. You...
  25. Re: FireFox 6.0.1 behaving weird in Windows 7/64 bits

    I don’t think that all this should be a problem with the latest version, try to update it again but before doing that just restore the previous version and make everything as it was before and then...
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    Re: Firefox 3.6 Update without permission

    I dint found any such problem when I was using this Firefox. May be this is the problem with the firefox and if you are not able to solve this problem then you need to uninstall it and then install...
  27. Re: Can I use two facebook accounts with Firefox Simultaneously?

    There is one more probable thing that you can do and that is to make use of an extension like cookiepie. You can search for this on google and get more information about this from there. I am telling...
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    re: Disabling Firefox tab resize

    Have to tried with the setting pref. You will have to set the browser.tabs.animate to false and that will get you out of the problem.
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    Re: Google Toolbar for Firefox 6

    The Google Toolbar is not currently compatible with Firefox 5. The add-on blocks so the examiner installing the Toolbar. They remedy this by you in Firefox only with the Add-on Compatibility...
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    re: Rapid-release policy for Firefox

    With the only reason that you are able to mark the extension as compatible does not implies that it is compatible if there is the method to build all extensions compatible through the fresh version...
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    I would like to tell you that Mozzilla has modified the method by which it works as well as the label number in Firefox. There are many of the add ons which are set by creators to function with the...
  32. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    I want to tell you that one major thing to remember is that as an example which tells the XP1 was pretty memory friendly whereas the XP2 used lots more memory so by the time you upgraded to XP3 then...
  33. Re: Don’t need the bing search tab opened by firefox 6

    I would suggest you to first try to uninstall the firefox 6 browser that you have installed. After uninstalling the firefox try to install it back. Make sure that before installing, you have deleted...
  34. Re: Why no Skype video calls in Motorola Photon 4G

    I wonder that this has something to do with the Microsoft owning Skype now they must be in some competition or so and may be trying to make this as a drawback for this application, and there have...
  35. Re: Chrome 13 failed to play certain video embeds

    The inference right now is that Chrome only is supporting a subset of the h.264 profiles and that the videos that not succeed to play must be encoded using a profile outside the bound of that subset....
  36. Re: YouTube awful rendering in Chrome 13 compared to IE 8

    The rendering procedure is depends on what format you usually render to, what is the format of your input clips, which version of processor you are using. And connection of internet to your system.
  37. Re: Google Chrome v13 Dev channel crash on opening new window

    Same problem here I have been using the Google chrome for some while now and recently I notice since I have updated to version 13 dev channel its crashes whenever I open a fresh window not tab by...
  38. Re: The new lightened tab style from Chrome 13, how can I remove it?

    Can you describe it in detail, which is the thing that you don’t like about it? Its fading effect or anything else? I saw that some people don’t like its fade-out effect. Personally speaking, I...
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    Re: What Are the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?

    Finance will be more while doing homeschooling and also the student will be limited to select options cannot have chance to take part in sports ability.
  40. Re: One of the Easiest ways to write your profile and About Me Page

    Writing something about our self is the most important topic to discuss, this is consider the important one because it directly pointing towards the way we think about our self, that’s also reflect...
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    Re: Using VOIP phone instead of landline

    VOIP providers are much cheaper. I would suggest you to search more on the details related to this on the internet. You can google around the internet and search in the search box. You will find many...
  42. Re: How to put youtube video in imovie using mac?

    try this,
    • Well first go to the YouTube website i.e.
    • Then open Activity Monitor (Option + Command + A)
    • In the listing of files, find the one that is in MB, not KB...
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    Re: Cannot read profile using chromium browser

    You can delete the current browser and install it back. Installing it gain should help. Let me know if it helped. If it did not help then I will provide you with different solution.
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    Re: Google Instant Won't Turn Off.

    I think you haven’t search this thread ever in this forum ever before, because there is solution mentioned over here.
    You can visit the mentioned Link,
  45. Re: How to Recover Deleted Safari History in Apple OS X Lion

    Hi, I am recently trying to get my history back and I think that there will be some quite a large volume of information presented. In this case the solution is to use the search bar there will be...
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    Re: Turning off Google Instant feature

    If there is no change in the situation after using the any of the above mentioned solution than I am suggesting that you should simply click here now you have to bookmark the resulting search...
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    Re: Disable-Stop-Remove Google Instant Search

    It’s very easy to do that but there are many of the users who do not know anything about this. Below are the steps to do that.

    If you are having the Google Instant search “Instant is on...
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    Re: How to Get a Job as Professional Gamer

    You need to begin appearing yourself either at neighborhood competitions or within the web based world competitions. Since playing in a crew competition, you will would like to guarantee that...
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    Re: How Does A Search Engine Work?

    Web search engines save a important information of info concerning the pages they visit. They are additionally reputed to be web spiders, which is altogether a faultless term! Unfailingly recollect...
  50. Re: How to change the country/region settings in marketplace account

    I just wish this get's fixed soon. I am not going register a new id with all annoy that means so until I can set my right region and therefore register a credit card, no purchases on the marketplace...
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