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    Re: CyberLink PowerDirector installation fails

    I would also like to suggest you to check in the program data and appdata folders in your computer that are hidden by default. To do that, first of all open Folder Options and then select the dot for...
  2. Re: disable outlook popup banners in Windows 8.1

    Can you try to go into Control Panel and then try to disable the Auto-Update settings to see if this removes the popup banner showing in your computer? If that doesnt work then try to press the...
  3. Re: unable to install Visual Studio SDK and Emulators on Windows 8.1

    You wont be able to run the Emulator if Hyper-V is not installed in your computer. What is the model of your CPU that you are using. There are some CPU that stops you to install Hyper-V and thus you...
  4. Re: RegClean Pro software automatically starts at Windows 7 boot

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then you can also download another tool called AdwCleaner. It is a tool to effectively remove unwanted software from your pc. The majority of malware...
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    Re: RamDisk for Windows 8

    I was previously using the RamDisks many years ago but at that time it all looked counterproductive except in very small number of softwares like Corel, Autoclad, Photoshop, etc; can use them as very...
  6. Re: Which is the best Image Viewer for Windows 7 64-bit

    The best image editing and viewing software out there is IrfanView. This little program that does not look like an image viewer is yet one of the most useful of the repository, it is a multimedia...
  7. Re: Powershell has stopped working error in Windows 7

    After searching a lot I found out that the problem that you are facing could be related to the Kernelbase.dll file. So, you can try to restore the kernelbase.dll from the Recycle Bin incase if it is...
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    Re: how to install .net 1.1 on windows 8.1

    Follow the steps to install .Net 1.1 in your Windows 8.1 OS. First make a new folder called DotNet in C: drive. After that download NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package from this link -...
  9. Re: OneNote 2013 Free error message "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"

    If the OneNote came preinstalled then it means that its an OEM machine. Can you try to download CCleaner which is the most recommended software for cleaning all corrupt registry keys and then you can...
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    Poll: Re: Best Free PDF Editor Program

    You can also use LibreOffice pdf editing tool. It was developed to be a productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites and available on a variety of platforms. It is a free...
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    Re: Flash video hangs but audio works properly

    Can you try to delete teh flash player cache and see if that works for you. To do that close all the browser windows and then open your System Control Panel and then open the Flash Player Control...
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    Re: disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

    Once you have run Setpoint from the Start Menu then you can try to move as suggested above. If still that is not working for you then try to reinstall the Setpoint and it might work for you. I cannot...
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    Re: Best Teamviewer alternative software

    You can try using Zoho Assist that provides a simple and straight forward user interface to connect to remote computers anywhere on the globe, as long as they are hooked to the internet, even through...
  14. Re: Emulate surround sound when playing video - VLC media player

    First of all you need to choose your audio device in Properties and then click the Configure Speakers button. After that select Multichannel. If still this settings are proper then you must try to...
  15. Re: Does anyone know of a good Sales Call Report template?

    You can download the Sales call log and organizer templates from this link as well if you want -

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    Re: how to add more emoticons to communicator

    The Office Communicator is usually a business application and till now there is no addons available for this application apart from the official Communicator Server add-ons. So I dont think that you...
  17. Re: How to view PSD thumbnails in windows explorer

    Download a plugin called PSD Thumbnail Viewer from this link. After that to install this plugin you need top copy psicon.dll to this path - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell. If this folder...
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    Re: "Turn on media streaming" button greyed out

    If the above doesnt work then try to do a clean boot. Go to Start and then in the search box type msconfig and press Enter. After that click the Services tab and then check mark the "Hide All...
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    Re: Java problem in Windows 8

    Can you make sure whether Java is showing up in the Control Panel and also look into the settings as well. Also, are you testing it on the metro browser or the desktop browser because I dont know...
  20. Re: unable to launch software in windows 7, getting error 0xc0000005

    If nothing is working for you then restart your computer and then then at the BIOS screen press F8 to get Advanced Boot Options. After that select Repair your computer menu and then select the US...
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    re: How to Convert Outlook PST to Mac

    There is an application called Mail Monkey in the App store that comes for $0.99 which will be able to convert the outlook's .pst file to .mbox for mail on Mac OS X. The method for the conversion is...
  22. Re: best software to play .CDA files in my computer

    Instead of installing new software in your computer, you can play .cda files in Windows Media Player only by following the below steps:

    First of all try to open Device Manager.
    After that you...
  23. Re: cannot view embedded PDF website on Safari browser

    I think that you might be using Safari 4.0.4 version of the browser it will be able to display PDF's without any help from the Adobe browser plugins. Can you try to go in the SafarI help menu and...
  24. Re: Pictures.library-ms is no longer working error on Windows 8

    Can you try to open Windows Explorer and then right clock on Pictures library and then choose to delete it. After that try to right click on the libraries in the navigation pane and then try to...
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    Re: getting popup to update flash player

    There was a fix given for this same issue on the adobe forum. You will need to try to create an MST file, with Fx, Wise package studio. And after that edit the CustomAction to “NewCustomAction1”...
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    Re: Adobe Reader X eula.exe error

    Apply the applicable registry fixes available at the following links:

    Download and save the applicable file for Windows Vista from here.
    Unzip (extract) the contents (.reg file) to the...
  27. Re: Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

    I will state some features which will be useful in your case. With this application you will be able to boot 2-3 installations of Android on one device. In addition, it also saves all applications...
  28. Re: Need drivers for Chicony webcam on Toshiba Satellite A305-S6843.

    Here I think you have to install new drivers in the system, since it is not installed correctly on your system or do not update. So first of all try to update drivers and then reboot see if you can...
  29. Re: Need information on Windows Phone 7 applications

    MSFT is expected to share some information about WP7 in the MWC, but nobody knows about the details if. As for operating system updates WP7 has hinted in an update sometime around this year that will...
  30. Re: Duplicate emails downloaded over and over by outlook 2010

    I would like to suggest you to install the Outlook Duplicates Remover and after that you can solve your issue. To do this go you need to download the Outlook Duplicates Remover click here to...
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    Re: POP3 Password Box "Grayed Out" on Outlook 2007

    I would like to suggest you following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go to the start and after that make hit on the run. Now under the run program type GPEDIT.MSC and then hit...
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    Re: Outlook does not respond while sending email

    I had the same problem and I followed the following steps to solve the problem of mines to do this, follow these steps. Open the windows explorer through click on the start and then make hit on my...
  33. Re: The security Essentials is not able to scan the computer code ox800106ba

    I question, consider that when during the analysis of your personal computer usually freezes during the full scan; it freezes at the beginning or middle of your system. When did you create the...
  34. Re: Does my MSN Messenger is crashing due to power outage

    I have gone through same issue and I have followed the following steps below and it really helped me lot to solve mine issue. To do these follow the steps below. First go to the start and the n make...
  35. Re: I am getting Error code: 0x80070426 while trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials

    I would like to suggest you to perform the system file checker and so that you can solve your issue. To perform these follow the steps below:

    Go to the start icon on the desktop and then make hit...
  36. re: unable to install WMP on windows 7, Error:"Windows Media Player is not installed properly."

    I would like to suggest you to download the validate tool for WMP. To download this goes through following link:...
  37. Re: Unable To Locate Component, error: “AppleSyncNotifier.exe”

    Run a system restore first and see whether this error is gone or not. If system restore does not help then you can go ahead with one more solution. Go in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple...
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    Re: Software to play bluray, 720p, 1080p movie

    I would like to suggest you to download and install PowerDVD.
    PowerDVD features:

    With this program you can:
    Play video in high definition
    Open movies in AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc
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    I have suffered the similar problem as yours. And...

    I have suffered the similar problem as yours. And I had attempted various time to make changes in the settings. But it doe not really worked. The last thing I did is changed headphone. And it started...
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    Re: ATV Flash Player download

    ATV Flash has managed to distinguish itself over the years for the ease of the software and make the change of the first AppleTV and the introduction of features that many consider essential. The new...
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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    Far as I can, 2010 and 2007 work the same (same format, same extensions) and therefore if you create a document in 2010 version and the platform where you are working with the 2003 is installed the...
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    Re: Linux Distro live CD for Dell Inspiron laptop

    For me the choice is really between Kubuntu and Ubuntu, I just want some applications and settings. I do think, though, KDE comes with many useful helpers that are missing from Ubuntu (and I also...
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    Re: When to create a new outlook profile ?

    You can definitely open a new profile to resolve this issue but there is some thing more need to be done. Just creating a new profile is incomplete , there might be some software application been...
  44. Re: Cannot open the powerpoint files in MS Powerpoint 2007 created in older versions of MS OffIce ?

    I think you have no choice but to look for a older machine that has older version of MS Office tool installed. Sometimes the 2007 files gets opened in the 2003 version as well . But if the file...
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    Re: Toshiba T400 not booting up

    This appears somewhat simple it appears as the resolution was automatically adjusted but the problem is that it has exceeded the limit of the screen so the screen goes to sleep because the screen...
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    Re: OpenSuSE 11 is not free any longer

    I look forward so for the reason that when you go to downloads SuSE 11.0 is not accessible. Newest one for free download is OpenSuSE 10.3. The link does not accurately advertise it as a customer...
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    Re: Software for producing Electrical Diagrams

    Hey I am also an engineering student and would want to tell you that I am using Dia for making electrical diagrams. I have used many other software as well but I guess Dia is very useful and it is...
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    Re: Error after updating Yum

    I think this will surely help you in solving your issue, you need to use binary RPMs with the installing of the yum software. RPM Package Manager is a package management system. This package usually ...
  49. Re: Need help applescript adding batch file extension

    The trouble by means of doing recursive obsession is if there's alias name, or if there's a group of nested folders. Usually I attempt to keep away from recursive things to facilitate do this type of...
  50. Re: Folders automatically turns into Unix Executable Files

    My suggestion to you is to repair your disk; it is very different from the Repair Disk Permissions. Repair Disk in Disk Utility when it is being booted from the CD/DVD. Restart your system from the...
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