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  1. Re: Best windows 8 themes and customization tools

    Hey you can check out below tools as well, they are some of the best customization tools for windows 8:

    Metro UI Tweaker
    Metro Controller
    Metro UI Colors Changer
    Windows 8 Start Menu...
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    Re: Best case for Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Magnetic cases are not good for mobiles, there are many article over the web explaining the reason why. Above cases are good but they’ll look bulky, if you don’t mind than you can take a look at...
  3. Re: Windows 7 Audio driver for dell inspiron 1525

    I think you can download and install DELL 1526 Sigmatel audio driver (R170217) from Dell website. Some people having Dell Inspiron 1525 running windows 7 have mentioned that they were running in to...
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    Re: Borderlands 2 crashing on start up

    First uninstall Steam completely from your system
    Than uninstall Borderlands 2 completely from your system (Make sure that there are no leftover files of Borderlands 2 in your system)
    Uninstall and...
  5. re: Netgear WNR2000v3 keeps dropping connection after firmware upgrade

    want to know if you have reset your router after upgrading its firmware??? It is recommended to reset router after its firmware is upgraded. So if you have missed that part than try it out now and...
  6. Re: iphone 3g keeps rebooting after updating to ios6

    Rebooting can occur because of the hardware as well as the software issue, since you have mentioned that you have updated your phone recently, I think it is because of software. In that case I will...
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    Re: Looking for ITI Results

    Uttar Pradesh ITI Result 2012 will be announced shortly by Directorate of Training and Employment, there hasn’t been any conformation regarding the date but it is expected to be announced in the...
  8. Re: Error "One or more fans appear to have stopped" on Intel DP67BG

    I think there is something wrong with the bios and not the cpu header of the fan header, I mean if there was something wrong with the cpu header or the fan header than how will the fan work? You have...
  9. Re: How to overclock Asus Sabertooth X79 with Intel I7-3820 processor

    Yes it is safe until you are having good knowledge off overclocking. Since you have mentioned that you haven’t tried out overclocking previously I will suggest you to better go through some guides...
  10. Poll: Re: Kids should be given mobile phone at what age?

    I think there is no harm in giving our kid cell phones at any age, the thing that matter is that they should be able to handle it. Every parent wants to know where their kids are while they are out...
  11. Re: How to unlock Blue Poison on windows 8 to apply different themes?

    I haven’t used windows 8 customer preview on my system but I have found that there are different version of Blue Poison for windows 8 like:

    BluePoison 2.0
    BluePoison 2.0.1
    BluePoison 2.0.1...
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    Re: Intel Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Cpu

    See if you won’t be updating your processor sooner after updating to Ivy Bridge Cpu then I will suggest you to wait for Intel Haswell. Intel Haswell will be quite better than Intel Core i7-3770K...
  13. Re: What is Brand Management and Issue Management in Software Development

    Here is list of Top 10 Open Source Bug Tracking System:

    Request Tracker
  14. Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    Guys the game is still in alpha project and I think that there can be a lot of improvement. I think Presentation, User Interface and Gameplay are good and if the story line gets improved then the...
  15. Re: Is there any good scope under Law in India as per current scenario

    Yes,you can definitely peruse your career in law if you are interested, there are several government and private institutes offering under-graduate and post-graduate law courses. You have vast choice...
  16. Re: How to disable mouse acceleration and motion blur in Quantum Conundrum

    I have not yet played Quantum Conundrum but while checking out for this I have come across one who was facing similar issue and was able to sort it out by making the below changes in BaseEngine.ini....
  17. Re: MSI Radeon HD 5770 Hawk displays Small black rectangles on screen

    I am not sure but then I think that there is something wrong with the monitor, if you are having an external monitor then connect the same and check out if you are getting the same Small black...
  18. Re: How to fix low fps, resolution, etc in Quantum Conundrum

    You can very well try out replacing your config file with the above attached one but if that does not help then you replace with this one as well. This file will be disabling Vsync and caps, it will...
  19. Re: Quick Launch Button of HDX16 not working properly

    That seems to be quite weird, anyways I just wanted to know that have you tried out the basic workarounds like uninstalling and reinstalling quick launch software to see if it is making any change?...
  20. Re: MSI GT70 0NC 008US + Intel 520 SSD gives a popup message for enabling VT-x

    I have checked out for the same and have found that Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor does supports VT-x but even I don’t know why the option for it is missing in your bios. I will suggest you to...
  21. Re: MSI GT70 0NC 008US + Intel 520 SSD gives a popup message for enabling VT-x

    I think your processor might not be supporting VT-X, anyways can you just post the specification of your MSI GT70 0NC 008US laptop so that I can confirm the same for you. You can find it out by using...
  22. Re: Krater Gameplay is very choppy and unplayable

    I agree to you, I was facing the same issue while playing the game but after opening task manager and closing the background programs which were eating up memory I was able to solve out the issue. As...
  23. Re: Skype sound quality is very bad to any person I am talking to on iphone

    I will suggest you to better update to 5.0 or higher version of skype as it is newer. I have still found people complaining about sound quality with version 3.6.1. I am not saying you will face the...
  24. Re: BlackBerry Curve 9380 text message icon disappeared

    Have you tried out making a hard reset or restoring the phone to factory setting? If not then try out the same and see if the icon is appearing.

    Hard reset: Press ALT + SHIFT (right) + DEL at...
  25. re: LG Optimus Elite Wifi takes a little time to connect

    I have checked about the same and I think that there is something wrong in your case. I have come across people who have mentioned that they are having LG Optimus Elite and they are able to connect...
  26. Re: Msi 870a-g46 crashes with Nvidia EVGA 9800gt driver

    Your issue seems to be weird now, I mean if it is working fine in other machine than it should work fine with Msi 870a-g46 as well. Anyways if you are having some other working graphic card then you...
  27. Re: Disc read error and dead pixels on nintendo wii screen

    If you are getting "Unable to read disc" or "Disc could not be read" error message then you need to check out the below things:

    First make sure that the disc that you are using is compatible with...
  28. Re: Msi 870a-g46 crashes with Nvidia EVGA 9800gt driver

    Before I suggest you something about the same I just wanted to know that are you facing video card driver crash just after starting the system or after some time. If you are facing crash after some...
  29. Re: Aspire 6920G LCD has vertical lines in the middle of the screen

    No I don’t think that you are having a BAD_EDID in your case and it is more of some kind of hardware issue with the display. Actually a corrupt edid or bad edid results in changing the resolution...
  30. Re: Aspire 6920G LCD has vertical lines in the middle of the screen

    As far as other possibilities of such issues are concerned they can be caused by a bad gpu. Since in your case you have tested your laptop with an external monitor and have tested out the graphic...
  31. Re: Aspire 6920G LCD has vertical lines in the middle of the screen

    “Color full vertical lines with black blurry screen in the background” sounds like a hardware issue either something is wrong with the graphic card or your Aspire 6920G LCD. As far as a...
  32. Re: Getting no Audio in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer with Flash Player

    I have found one mentioning that he was having same issue with the Internet Explorer when playing videos but he was able to solve it out later by resetting Internet Explorer settings. If you want...
  33. Re: Ati 7950 3GB or Nvidia GTX 580 1.5GB graphics card

    See in that case I think that the Ati 7950 will be giving same performance as compared to that of Nvidia GTX 580 but the Ati 7950 will be better as far as power consumption, temperature & noise is...
  34. Re: Best antivirus or malware software for Asus Transformer TF300

    I think that the below are the best antiviruses for tablet’s so as for Asus Transformer TF300:
    Antivirus Free AVG:
    It is one of the popular antivirus solution, you can get the free as well as the...
  35. Re: Stuck at "starting Warlock: Master of the Arcane" steam version

    In that case you can try out searching for the subfolder in your D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ having the below contents:

    folder - default
    folder - logs
    file - current.xml
    file -...
  36. Re: Stuck at "starting Warlock: Master of the Arcane" steam version

    I have checked about the same and I have found one facing the same issue but then he has mentioned that he was able to solve out the issue by just rebooting the system at that time and since then he...
  37. Re: Stuck at "starting Warlock: Master of the Arcane" steam version

    Before I suggest you something about the same I just wanted to know the below things:

    What happens when the "starting Warlock: Master of the Arcane" goes away?? Does the system get’s freeze?...
  38. Re: Dell XPS 420 fan is running on high without any Startup

    In that case I just wanted to know that are you facing Lights 1,3,4 pattern if yes then you can try out the solution that has been mentioned here. Basically this is an issue with the motherboard but...
  39. Re: Need help in syncing 2 firefox profiles leaving localstore.rdf

    If you want then you can check out SyncToy 2.1, if you are not aware of the same then I will like to inform you that it is a free application for syncing files and folders between locations and...
  40. Re: Need help in syncing 2 firefox profiles leaving localstore.rdf

    In that case I just wanted to know that is the Windows location is having the coordinates and size of the Window in which the Firefox view opens, I have not yet worked around with the localstore.rdf...
  41. Re: Sony HDR-HC3E is not connecting to ilife imovie

    Now you have made me stumped after sharing that in detail, previously even I had tried importing from my old miniDV camcorder (Sony DCR-TRV20E) but then I never had faced the issue that you have...
  42. Re: Sony HDR-HC3E is not connecting to ilife imovie

    In that case you can try out following the below things and see if the issue is getting solved or not:

    You scan try connecting and starting the camera with the iMovie in the some different...
  43. Re: Facing constant pre-post boot cycle with Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2

    I think that before getting another power supply you should better arrange a speaker and inspect the beep, I think that you would be a better idea but then make sure that you are disconnecting mouse,...
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    Re: Need help with 3x 30" Setup (EVGA GTX 680)

    You can also check out the UltraAV DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual-Link adapter, it is compliant to DisplayPort Content Protection as well as High-Definition Content Protection, the adapter is also capable...
  45. Re: GUI Resizes after installing ZoneAlarm beta / RC version

    I have been facing the same issue and was looking after a solution for the same but then I have not yet heard anyone saying that this issue was there in the previous version as well, in my case I am...
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    Alan Wake available on Steam

    Is it true that Alan Wake, the game which was released only for XBOX 360 has been released for PC on Steam?
  47. Execution of Alan Wake in PC leads to File IO error

    I downloaded Alan Wake from Steam downloads. I installed it in my PC. As I executed the game an error message popped up saying “File IO failure: createDirectoryFailed, error code 5”. What is it?...
  48. My Nintendo 3ds showing Action replay warning.

    I’m using Nintendo 3ds while I was playing a game Nintendo showing me action Replay warning so any can help me what should I do?
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    ESET security "Unlock code" is not working

    I am having LG P500 and I have installed ESET security on the same and after that when I restarted the phone and entered the "Unlock code" then it is not working, I am quite sure that I am entering...
  50. Re: ESET NOD32 is taking a very long time for weekly scan

    I have now made a test with the version and version using the profile settings as that you had mentioned and now I have found the following:

    Version - 297422 objects...
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