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  1. Re: Windows 10 works slows after adding a animated wallpaper

    The wallpaper might be too heavy or having some kind of malware/adware. Just because of such thing your system gets slow down and you face this kind of issues. It is good if you can try removing all...
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    Re: Dock for Windows 7 for easy folder access

    I think the most lightweight dock for you will be SE-Tray Menu. This application is simple to use. Because it is going to add a icon on the system tray. And when you click on that you can see the...
  3. Re: Does replacing explorer.exe with cmd will help to increase windows performance

    Launch Task Manager and go in performance. Check in that how much ram and cpu is utilized in your system. If the ram usage is high then your system has a virus issue. You have to scan your pc in safe...
  4. Re: All desktop shortcut turns white on Windows 7

    The problem can be fixed by rebuilding the icon cache. You can find a script for that on web. Just run Rebuild_Icon_Cache.bat file and done. The icons will be restored. This is the easiest way to fix...
  5. Re: Windows 8 transformation pack crashing on Windows 7

    There are some but it is correct that they slow down your system. It is necessary that you must get a good one. But why do you want a transformation pack. The best thing you can do is create a...
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    Re: Does Note 3 has USB 3.0

    Nope, there is nothing like that. In fact Note 3 will allow you to connect a standard microUSB cable as well.
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    Re: Make call from PC internet to mobile

    Yes, it requires softwares like iCall, VoipBuster, KNCTR, etc These are all PC softwares that allows you to call directly to any mobile numbers around the world, unlike the android applications...
  8. Re: 307 software update available for Sony Xperia Z

    Well there is no compulsion that it will take weeks, you should better keep checking for the OTA as well as through the PC companion daily. Because most of the time the updates wont appear on OTA but...
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    Re: NLite alternative available for Windows 7

    The one tool that I know which will work in your case is BartPE. You can try that also. Most of this tools works in similar manner providing you options to reduce unwanted elements from the setup. It...
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    Re: Eyecandy effects for Windows 7 Desktop

    It is correct. Windows lack a set of good 3D features. The issue can be with impact on the memory. Mac also does not completely offer a set of effects. There are very few. I am using a Ubuntu laptop...
  11. Re: Lightweight Live Wallpaper application for Windows 7

    You cannot use live images on the desktop background. You can use static images only. The only best way to add all those photos on the desktop is via screensaver. You can copy all the photos inside...
  12. Re: Samsung Galaxy S II Plus vs Galaxy Grand Duos

    Thank you very much for the help and such great comparison McKayla. Appreciated.

    So you mean that that i should go with what i decided, Galaxy Grand Duos, right?
  13. Samsung Galaxy S II Plus vs Galaxy Grand Duos

    I recently came to know that Samsung has now finally launched the upgraded version of galaxy S2, i.e. Galaxy S II Plus. Since past few days I was searching for a phablet type phone under Samsung...
  14. Re: Is there a way to take off login screen's "Other Credentials" button?

    Other alternate option is to delete the following: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{AC3AC249-E820-4343-A65B-377AC634DC09}

  15. Re: Removing mouse pointer completely at startup

    Deleting the Mouse pointer completely is not possible but I think you can delete the mouse pointer schemes that you created by yourself. Now here I would like to talk about deleting the Created Mouse...
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    Re: Where to download BumpTop 3D Desktop

    If you need a simple tool to get good effects on your screen then go for Fences. This is far more better and easy to use. It also works fine any kind of system resources.
  17. Re: How to add Desktop Name in Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion

    You are able to do it, just need to customize a single photo and add the name in that after which you can assign it to particular background such that each of the desktop will be having different...
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    Re: How to Install 7zip on CentOS

    7zip is one of the best compressor / decompressor opensource stock available for Windows. Support for many compressed file types, with excellent results and an intuitive graphical format 7zip have...
  19. Re: The best headphone in the price range of Rs 5000-6000

    Hey, I am also listening song everyday in my blackberry Playbook. I am using the Sony headphones MDR –ZX700. It provides super quality sound to listen Dj type song. The quality of Bass is awesome....
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    Re: How do I get back start button on Windows 8?

    Yes, this is possible with the Start8. Start8 is the little program that allows users of Windows 8 can set the start button again in the taskbar. This is a free program which requires a valid e-mail...
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    Re: Lion Transformation Pack for Window XP

    The Lion Transformation Pack make your Windows, at least visually on the Apple operating system. Unfortunately the installed transformation pack that I have is at the expense of underperformance ....
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    Re: Objectdock crashes with error message

    If there are 2 version of Objectdock installed in your computer, you have to disable the older version not to start on boot. After that create a shortcut of the most recent version on the desktop or...
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    Re: ITunes Taskbar icon on Windows 7

    I've actually struggled with this problem for quite some time. Due to some gadgets in my Windows and, frankly, I don't know exactly what else, every time the iTunes would update, it would go back to...
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    re: “Groups” in Windows 8 consumer preview

    I am sure that you are aware of the Windows 8 concept of tiles. With the groups, you will be able to make the column of times and then label the tile. They have named this as “group”.
  25. Re: Should i have one Fences Pro and Fences®Pro entry in Add Remove Programs?

    I should add further in this case that if you have installed something related with Impulse/Gamestop, although, you will require to make an un-installation through it additionally. And this...
  26. Re: How to Add OEM Logo on windows 7 system properties

    When you right hit it off on your windows 7 and go to its Properties you had to observe all the information regarding your system. These information in sequence be able to be changed easily...
  27. Re: Command prompt option in Windows 7 explorer toolbar

    Well let me tell you that elevated prompt are a command prompt window which allows commands that need to have administrative privileges. With an Elevated Command Prompt you will be able to see...
  28. Re: Command prompt option in Windows 7 explorer toolbar

    I am not sure with this, that it can be placed on toolbar or not, you will be able to get Open Command Window Here, for that need to Press and hold Shift key and right click on folder or drive which...
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    Re: Tips to setup a wifi Webcam Network

    i was also setting up wireless webcam and having difficulty while connecting the camera with wireless network. after trying all the possible solution also same problem was occurring. i have read...
  30. Re: After logging off computer Transparent Desktop shortcuts turns black in windows 7

    I was also facing similar problem with the Transparent Desktop shortcuts and then I have tried to solve this problem by selecting the blank icon by right clicking on the shortcut and clicking on the...
  31. Re: Need some help in setting up the dual view wallpaper in windows 7?

    I think that if both monitors are having different resolution and image on primary monitor is a small image such that it is been scaled up. For example if you are having 1280x720 resolutions on...
  32. Re: Need some help in setting up the dual view wallpaper in windows 7?

    Well I am using Ultramon and it is been working very much nicely and also it is very easy to set different wallpapers for each screen and using this from past 10 years. So I do not think that it...
  33. Re: How to get 2 taskbars for dual Monitors with extended display on windows XP?

    Why don’t you just create a new toolbar and just put up the necessary application that you require on it. Once done later on you can simply drag that toolbar from the taskbar and implement it on...
  34. Re: How to add system folders to context menu in windows 7

    So guys , I have some more methods to try with. And to make it easier, you are able to add the above folder to the windows directory as well as make use of this registry tweak to automate adding the...
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    Re: Where Windows 7 stores desktop wallpaper?

    After going through the situation of yours, you will see Microsoft themepacks at different location on your computer. you can get Halloween Theme Eerie Autumn at below mentioned locations.
  36. Re: How to change windows explorer theme in Windows 7

    I also don’t have much idea about this but as far as I know that you will require to have the theme like this Dark7 Ultimate used for the Windows 7 x64 & x86 Final and with the help lof this , you...
  37. re: Remove Glass effect from task bar icons in windows 7

    Yes by editing the registry key you can solve this problem. You have to first open start menu in and then regedit in the search box. Now after doing that you have to press enter key. Now you need to...
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    Re: Mango Skin Pack for Windows 7

    I don’t think that there is need to change anything with the "Mango Skin Pack" for Windows 7. This is made in the best way and any changes to this might disturb the look of the pack. Soy my...
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    Re: How to fix Black wallpaper on Windows 7?

    Another solution which I wanted to tell you that you can try to resolve the issue.

    Browse for below mentioned location.
    You have to...
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    Re: Windows 7 Quick Launch icons are invisible

    Right click on the taskbar, choose Toolbars, then New Toolbar.

    Type this:
    % Appdata% microsoft \ internet explorer \ Quick launch, then click Select Folder

    Again right click on the taskbar,...
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    Re: Creating good image for bootskin

    I will never recommend you to play with the system image as you might be in a big trouble if you did any mistake. Anyways, if you have decided to do this then please take the backup of the original...
  42. Re: How to customize Windows logon screen animation of Windows 7

    I am using the Logon Workshop. I know there are dozens of free tools available to change the default logon background. You can even use the logon screen background manually change with a simple...
  43. Re: Windows 7 Weather Gadget which show multiple Location info

    I think that windows 7 allow you to add as many instances of a gadget. I mean you can add the same gadget as many times you want. I mean you add multiple weather gadgets in sidebar, so that each one...
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    Re: Difference between Debian and Fluxbox and XFCE

    Exactly i am agree with the above user as there are almost 3 to 4 version, and might be more than that but i am not aware about the same, i have used Xfce 4.0, Xfce 4.2, Xfce 4.4, Xfce 4.6 and about...
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    Re: The Presence of The Past @ Kala Ghoda Festival

    Here is a site which is giving you more information on the festival. There is list of events and details on the same what is going to be conducted. The festival is nice with an attraction to the...
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    Re: Lemonpeel Damsel in fishville

    To the people on here that don't think about what they're saying before they say it. I have the same problem. And yes I clicked on the deal of the day. If someone is up in levels I'm so sure they...
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    Re: Fishville Gifts wont stay in tank

    Same problem here too. The gift stay in tank. I don't sell or place the gift, me and lots of mine friends haing the same issue.and i know why because we had more than 60 presents that opens soon so...
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    E7 File transfer problem with windows7

    I am having nokia E7 cell phone I wanted to transfer some video files from my cell phone to my computer.I am also facing trouble in transferring files in explorer of windows 7. Whenever I try to...
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    Re: Sand dollars per level gained in fishville

    I have seen other games give retro active dollars when they changed the rules of the game, and I wish they did the same here. And gave out the compensation promised for shrinking the tank size as...
  50. Re: The Sea Serpent and other new items in FishVille

    So I guess it's okay to talk about the lack of SD's in neighbor chests or anywhere and the frustration of game lag now. I agree with Herald. changes- yes. Improvements? Not so much. I used to play...
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