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    Re: Nokia Lumia 710 keeps on hanging

    Before visiting the Nokia service center you can try out updating your phone software. First you will have to check if it is the latest or not. The Latest software for Nokia Lumia 710 is SW...
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    Re: HTML5 eBooks for beginners

    You can check out these ones as well:
    Dive Into HTML5- Has free online comprehensive tutorial
    HTML Dog – Has HTML5 and CSS related tutorials
  3. Re: Best Colleges for Electrical diploma in Pune and Mumbai

    Best Colleges for Electrical diploma in Pune:

    Sneha Institute of Engineering & Management Studies (SIEMS), Pune
    Vishwakarma Institute of Technology , Pune
    Maharashtra Institute of Technology,...
  4. Re: Zen Ultraphone U4 - dual-SIM Android Smartphone launched for Rs. 6,499

    I think it’s going to be a big fail :boo: , I mean whose going to buy a Smartphone running Android 2.3 operating system when they can get better Smartphone running ICS. :hmm:
  5. Re: Best combination of antivirus with MSE ?

    Install antivirus Avast free, it works well with Microsoft Security Essentials on my windows 7 system without any issues. I guess it will work fine on windows 8 as well. Just make sure that you are...
  6. Re: System with Biostar G41D3C motherboard keeps on crashing while gaming

    It seems as if your system crashes while gaming because of overheating, have you inspected the temperature of your graphic card or the processor just before your system crashes??? If you haven’t...
  7. Re: (IDM) - Internet downloads manager not working in Internet explorer 9

    No that’s not the case, I have gone through IDM setting and “Internet explorer” is already added and selected in the list. I have tried removing it and adding it again but I don’t see any...
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    Re: Error "skype can't connect"

    Before I suggest you anything, answer me following questions:

    Which version of windows you are running?
    Which version of skype you have installed??
    Is it the latest version??
    Is your...
  9. Re: (IDM) - Internet downloads manager not working in Internet explorer 9

    I want to know if you had got a message saying “Internet downloads manager was successfully installed in Internet explorer” and something like that?? If not then try uninstalling and reinstalling...
  10. Re: How much downloads speed you get for AIRCEL Pocket Internet 2G in PC?

    Yes download and upload speed do depend from area to area but as far as my experience it depends on download manager as well. Just to share when I connect my phone to PC for downloading anything then...
  11. Re: Top colleges offering Airport Management Courses in Kerala

    List of institute offering aviation management course in Kerala
    1.College of Engineering Trivandrum - Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
    2.Indian Institute of Planning and Management - Kochi, Kerala...
  12. Re: Loop mobile internet – “DNS failed”

    In my case I am having Auth type – None. If you select “none” then User id and Password filed will get disabled automatically. Just try changing Auth type to none and let me know if that makes...
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    Re: Copy/Paste is not working in windows 8

    Hey I was facing the same issue after installing windows 8 in my system. It dint started just after installing windows 8 but it started after installing some recommended updates. I had to uninstall...
  14. Re: Loop mobile internet – “DNS failed”

    Do you have “Static DNS” checked in advance setting of your internet settings??? If yes then uncheck those settings and see if your internet starts working fine after that. “Static DNS”...
  15. Re: Is Antec SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker available In India?

    You can get it shipped for $69 approximately from amazon. As far as I am aware they ship products to India. You can search their site for "a.m.p SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker." ...
  16. Re: Is it possible to share wifi network via Lan??

    Even I think the same. You can create your laptop as WIFI hotspot and share internet with other devices that support wifi. However a system that doesn’t support wifi cannot share internet after...
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    Re: Cannot run superfetch in windows 7

    Which checking out for this issue ive come across one who has mentioned that software called TweakPrefetch form Major Geeks had helped him out in similar condition.

    First download and install...
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    Re: Digital Camera around 5K

    + 1 for Canon Powershot A810, I am not sure but I think it’s the only 16 megapixels Camera around 5K. I have gone through several lists of best cameras within 5 k and have not found any close to...
  19. Re: App store on iPhone comes up with white screen

    I guess you both will have to do a factory reset, I can’t think of any other solution that might help. So if you all don’t mind doing that, than back up your phone and proceed.
    Settings >...
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    Re: Not able to format memory card

    Since you are not able to format it using windows format option, I will suggest you to use some third- party application. There are many third-party applications which might help you to format the...
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    Re: Karbonn A1+, A7+, A11 launched in India

    Karbonn A1+ appear worth as per the specification that it is delivering for Rs 4,290. The best thing i liked about this phone compared to other cheap smartphones near rs 4,500 is 1 GHz Processor and...
  22. Once you have installed Outlook on your computer...

    Once you have installed Outlook on your computer then you will have to open Windows Mail and then go to File > Export > Messages > Microsoft Exchange. If that dosent work then load outlook and then...
  23. Re: Spooler SubSystem App Stopped Working And Was Closed

    I agree that this thread is really useful, unfortunately I seem to have another problem. In addition to the message discussed in this thread, I get "Windows can't open Add Printer. The local print...
  24. Re: How to create recovery partition with recovery image in vista to restore the system

    You all can check out Instant PC Recovery software, i have been using it from long time and i think that is one of the easiest and effective Recovery software.
  25. Re: Vista Ultimate 32bit Upgrade - STOP Error

    Two years later, this problem still exists. I'm running Vista Home SP2 (NL, Dutch).

    Hard disk is OK! I check this automatically every few days. Re-checking confirms: hard disk is ok.

    In this...
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    Re: Best ISP for Crysis in Mumbai

    I will recommend you to go for either Tata or Mtnl becuase they have the lowest pings that I have seen so far, when I was playing CS on my friends computer. In any case, I suppose if you can reply...
  27. Re: Aircel GPRS Configuration Issues with WM6.1

    What all programs have you installed in your Windows Mobile Phone? Incase if you have installed some application called Phonealarm then you will have to Uncheck a few things inside the software which...
  28. Re: Airtel Digital TV DTH: set top box support NTSC?

    Apparently for NTSC support, wait for Sun direct because the stb provided by sun direct might be having NTSC format and they are goin to use coship stb, it supports NTSC, so lets wait and watch. The...
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    disable annoying flash update notices

    If you want to disable Flash auto-update, then follow the below tips:

    First of all you have to make a file named mms.cfg (text) in a text editor.
    After that you need to add the below...
  30. Re: starting a new site on health info for IT

    Yes, it will be a good idea to start a health site. You should know that if you give precise and only precise information about the terms that you will use for your site then it will be benefitted....
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    Re: Case that'd fit ASUS M4A78TD-V EVO.

    You can go with the Thermaltake RS101 that will probably cost you Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 2000 in between. It doesnt has any PSU alongwith it and I would also recommend you to get it all alone and not with...
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    Re: Restrict some user to specific computer

    I guess that GPOs can be applied to users or computers and not to security groups, located in the OU where the GPO is linked to. If you want to limit access to a computer then you can use the account...
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    Re: Any Chassis Modders in KOLKATA??

    Well, I aint from Kolkata but I have heard that the best place to ask for modding case is Nagerbazar near Dum Dum and also shops around Chadni. You can also hang around to some shops located at Bagha...
  34. Re: There is a problem with this website's security certificate - Help!

    I would have helped you but the info you provided is not enough for the same. I would like to know where exactly the certificate warning point to? I mean, is it pointing to an internally SBS...
  35. Re: How To Triple Boot MAC OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

    Well, to be precise and what I have seen in other solutions/ querries, people are unable to get that kind of setup working correctly and am also unsure why but yes Ubuntu can mount HFS+. Grub (and...
  36. Re: how to remove non commercial use in the title bar in office

    You will have to get an edition that is not for non-commercial use only.
  37. Re: Remove child domain after child domain DC has failed

    When the last domain controller for a domain is demoted, the administrator selects the "This server is the last domain controller in the domain" option in the DCPromo tool, which removes the domain...
  38. Computer Hardware and Peripheral vendors in Maharashtra

    Below are the complete List of Computer Vendors in Maharashtra - India

    Computer Hardware and Peripheral vendors in Maharashtra - Mumbai

    1. Business Name - Allied Computer Industries (India)...
  39. Re: Download Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho MP3 of Coca Cola Ad (FT. Imran)

    This is imran's new coke ad with kalki kochein and both look gorgeous in it. You can check out the video where Imran Khan drinks invisible Coca Cola in Fun and Flirty TV Commercial ad here. Both look...
  40. Re: How to Configure Cisco 2500 Series routers

    4. Protecting access to the router

    Now we will deal with password protected access to the three external sources of configuring a router:

    - console router
    - additional ports for connecting...
  41. Re: How to Configure Cisco 2500 Series routers

    3. Create access lists (ACL)

    Access lists on the Cisco router to work and build as well as filtering rules in the popular IPFW or IPF based on FreeBSD. The rules are read in sequence and as soon...
  42. Re: How to Configure Cisco 2500 Series routers

    2. IP addressing and subnetting

    The system administrator must navigate freely in the IP address and how he should apply the subnet in practice. Large ISP in addition to addressing security...
  43. How to Configure Cisco 2500 Series routers

    Cisco Routers firms are highly reliable equipment and and very easy to configure, at the author's opinion, superior to its competitors, though, and their value by 20% more than counterparts from...
  44. Did you try to look at the guide that lets you...

    Did you try to look at the guide that lets you know about how to install and configure speech and handwriting recognition in Word 2003, just take a look at this link -...
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    I have noticed that why GPOs arent working...

    I have noticed that why GPOs arent working including why the client machiens are not in the zone. I am not able to see how the domain controller is in the zone, since you are asking to register into...
  46. Re: How to get the value of AD user attributes in vbscript?

    You can also use the free adfind utility:

    adfind -default -f "(sAMAccountName=JSmith)" streetAddress postOfficeBox l
    st postalCode c

    Just search it on google and download it.
  47. I was able to install flash using kernelex and it...

    I was able to install flash using kernelex and it never installed properly for internet explorer and firefox browser. I have therefore already made a backup image of windows 98 se so that if there...
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    Re: Reverse lookup a SID

    Incase you are noticing it as a long string of numbers where an account or group name should be, then there is an error in replication or a group / username that has been removed from active...
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    Re: WMP 11 won't play .mp4 video file.

    I think that quicktime will only play the file if it can find the proper codec to do so. I am having many mp4 files that is not playable in quicktime. So better download VLC.
  50. RE: **SOLVED** RE: SBS 2003 R2 Cannot Access http://companyweb from se

    Yes, when you will download and install the kb961143 update then it will automatically enable the Kerberos authentication on the SharePoint Web site. So follow the reply given in the above post to...
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