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  1. Toshiba Satellite M645-S4070 freezes at shutdown

    Hello friends I have got this new Toshiba Satellite M645-S4070 purchased just few weeks ago and I have come to know that there is some kind of a problem that has occurred with this laptop as whenever...
  2. REINSTALLING Microsoft teredo tunneling adapter driver

    Hello friends, last night I was working till late night for my Project work and was very weary after long hours of work. Continuing my work, by mistake I uninstalled Teredo tunneling Adaptor. I had...
  3. Re: Can you uninstall Windows Mail? If so, how?

    Now that seems to be a great problem for me because I have configured Outlook 2007 to handle .eml files but every time they open using Windows Mail itself. Though I use Windows Live, I configured to...
  4. Can you uninstall Windows Mail? If so, how?

    Hey guys, am using Windows Vista. Earlier I was using Windows mail for my POP3 accounts. Now since a week I switched and migrated everything to Windows Live Mail. I haven’t run windows mail since a...
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    Re: How to stop desktop icons moving in Vista

    Thank you very much for the help buddy. A very nice utility. Thank you for the tip! Added to my permanent tool-box along with a very few other utilities which actually do something useful. Most don't...
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    How to stop desktop icons moving in Vista

    Hi, i am using Windows Vista Home Premium. I have several useful icons saved on the desktop sop that i can access all my required programs easily. But the problem is, i set these icons according to...
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    SQLDUMPER library failed initialization

    I have a Windows XP SP2 media Center PC. Earlier it was running with Office 2003 without any problems. Recently I removed 2003 and installed Office 2007 demo. Dint liked it and removed it again. But...
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    sound recorder mic not working

    Until last month I was using Windows 98 SE. I have a HP 1998 Monitor with built-in MIC which use to work fine with 98 SE. Now as my hard drive crashed, I assembled a new HDD with Windows XP....
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    Please insert disk into drive error

    Its been many years am using Windows 2000 SP4 without any problems. I have also not done any hardware or software changes in this PC since last 2 months. But don’t know why since last week whenever...
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